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Zombie carols:
God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay,
Shoot walkers in the head, to put them down to stay,
To save us all from the zombie virus,
When all hell has broken lose,
Lock and load all your weapons,
Lock and load,
Lock and load all your weapons RIGHT NOW!



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An elderly couple are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. During the church service, she writes a note to her husband, 'I silent farted. What should I do?'


He writes back, 'Buy new hearing aide batteries.'

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11 minutes ago, Dennis191 said:


Lmao lmao lmao 

Text says"The dragons head"

The king says "my daughter's hand"


😂😂😂Not exactly the way it was meant in the fairy tale😂😂😂

The knight gives a head; the king gives a hand. :rofl:

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All shop owners...please be aware that the police are on high alert for shops selling hot cross buns on the day after Christmas. Don't get caught...

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14 minutes ago, Page Scrawler said:


Mickey is usually a sweetie, but even he sometimes has his "devil horns" moments. I'm tempted to use this technique on him, one of these days. :P

Rethinking about send my kids to their uncle Page... Of course they'll be little angels

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