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Guiding Lights by Johnathan_Colourfield

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I really am not one to critique poetry, so I'll just make a few comments after saying how much I liked it :D


The first was the "blind light" on the third line. At first I thought it was a typo and should be "blinding light", but then I realised I was wrong, and I appreciated the imagery of a light that was blind. That really does reflect the first kiss -- the person is blind, but there's a light leading them on.


And then at the end of the first kiss, recognising that it's imperfect, but embracing that imperfection because it's yours, all yours. Experiences don't have to be perfect to be loved and cherished, and there's few better examples of that than the first kiss :)


Lastly, I liked how the poem recognises that while some people have only had one light (love) in their life, many others have a number of guiding lights that lead them to the final light of their life. We should cherish all of our loves, because they have all contributed to the person that we are.


Thanks, Johnathan. Well done! :great:

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