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  • Similar Content

    • By Myr
      I am happy to announce a new Premium content Story!
      Project X by Nephylim!
    • By Andrew Q Gordon
      So for those who are able to see this, I figured I'd set up a topic here. Given this is my first real attempt at fantasy, I was hoping for some feed back. Reviews are awesome, and I love the banter, but I figured people could or would like to use the forums to give me some input. Since my hope is to ePublish this, I'd be glad for any comments.

    • By Renee Stevens
      Would love to talk to my readers about my newest story, Challenging Fate, in the GA Premium section! Let me know what you think!
    • By Cia
      Hi readers! Check out the story discussion forum for my newest novella posted today, Burden of Secrets, available in the Premium section of GA Stories. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to hit me with questions, thoughts, criticisms, mentions of typos (pesky things always seem to slip through from time to time) or anything else you might think up!
      Burden of Secrets
      by Cia
      Description: They both have secrets they want to hide. Chris isn't out and his break-up with a waitress at the restaurant his father owns, and he's interning at, results in a lot of pain for someone else. He has to take care of Niel as much as he has to hide how much he wants him. There's something about him that draws Chris in. But Niel's hiding too, from some very bad ... people. Will he have the courage to tell Chris everything and will Chris still want him afterward?
    • By comicfan
      Everyone has a wish, but what happens when you get what you wish for? Is it perfect? Is it really what you want? Will you change the wish or will the wish change you? Dan didn't know what he was in for when he went to visit his grandmother. Sometimes you can't help what you do, even when you are warned not to. Not everyone gets the happily ever after that Disney promised. For a wish is magic, and magic always comes at a price. Careful when you toss that coin in the fountain, you might just be paying more than you thought you were.
      Comments are always welcome. I hope you enjoyed.
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