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[Cia] Legends and Life

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So, this is a new story I started last November for NaNo. It isn't quite done but I several chapters being edited and the ending all planned out. This is one of my favorite genres to read, historical scottish romanctic fiction. I added some fantasy twist and the accent in to give the story that authentic feel but I hope it does not prove too difficult for readers. I'd love to hear any and all opinions you guys have on the story, the characters, the writing... Thanks!!


Legends and Life

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*ARGH* Nobody is posting in the story topic? Well, that's just unacceptable *grin*... I've left a review, but lets see if we can get a discussion going on the story! Let's see... I'm not sure which character I prefer at this moment. I like Rabbie because he's fighting against the unfairness of him being forced to wed in the only way he can. He's sure it won't solve the problem but at least then he can say he rebelled against the demands! Somhlth on the other hand, I love how he is a defender of a man he has never met. Granted, he is a protector over man, but still. Though I do have to say I don't have any good feelings towards his mother at the moment. Or should that be his "mither" ? hmmmmm... anyways.. I also really am liking the part that you have his sister playing, where she comes upon Rabbie whenever he's sleeping and then reports to her brother. I am really wishing Somhlth had been able to convince his mother that it was a slight against him and not her. It seems like the Campbell clan is in for it.


Woohoo! First post in the topic other than yours, maybe that will help get the ball rolling and entice other people to post too!!

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Awww, thanks dear! LOL, Coventina is a bit of a tattletale isn't she? At least it's all for the good of the mortals, right? The take I've always had on the gods is that some are better than others :P Cailleach... she's my villian. You'll see more of her to come for certain. I like Rabbie the most for reasons yet to come but he's very much my 'ideal' guy like quite a few of my protagonists.



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