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This is really the only "negative" I see with G.A Stories. Maybe it's just my stories really, but it just seems that people aren't reviewing what they read anymore. I guess some people consider the little "+" sign as a review, but I don't. It does help my reputation - something I care little about.


So is that a sufficient review? 5 yellow stars and a + sign? No, it's not. All that does is tell me that you, liked the story. Feedback for any author - established or not, is EXTREMELY helpful. Not only does it tell an author what they are doing wrong, or what wasn't clear. Maybe a plot hole or two have been nagging a reader? Or maybe since you LIKED the chapter or are liking the story, you could tell the author why? Some authors use that as fuel... to continue what they're doing. So some authors cannot live on "anonymous" reviews.. and in my opinion, any author that is satisfied with a "+" sign should re-evaluate their approach to writing.


You might be bashful - get over that, most authors don't bite when people get critical. Those that do need to shut up and get over themselves. :P


I personally didn't have this problem when my stories were on my Hosted Page. Some people still are getting reviewed, so maybe it's just me. I hope not, but I've not really went through and paid much attention. (Which is why I'm posting this on MY forum)


I like to think my stories are worth more to the readers than just a little "+". So a few words can be added to a review or two, that's all I ask.




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I really much agree with Krista! :2thumbs:


Let's start a campaing for reviewing! Something to activate those who already read a lot and leave the story without any note.


There must be tons of members reading each day and it seems that only the same handful of people are active with giving reviews. I pretty much feel sorry for every single author without geting any reviews, I know how important getting them is. I feel joy to give reviews and show the appreciation to the writer. :worship:


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I try to leave reviews when I read but I'm still not getting as much time to do that as I would like on the site. However, I agree that reviews are still a bit lacking in the feedback area. Those who review tend to get them in return but it is the same small pool of people reviewing for the most part. Other than just bringing up the subject, reminding your readers and asking for feedback there isn't much more I can think of to do. Maybe I'll ask in my status message.

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I've noticed a severe drop in reviews as well. It doesn't make any sense because the review system hasn't really changed, though I think readership overall has dropped due to peer review. Some people will just never understand the system or read the help files. The best way to get people to review is through incentive. It's easy to list all reviews given within a certain time. Perhaps we could create a reviewing reviewers group where we return reviews or give people rep points for each quality review they give (you know, just a tad bit more than, "i like this").

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I think the new system makes reviewing easier. It definitely has more functions, with the reputation thing and the Facebook "like" feature. I just hope that readers on GA don't stop at just doing those things.


I do like numbers and stats, and I'm glad people are liking my stories and myself as an author.. but readers don't need to forget the other part.. the written reviews. :)

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Sometimes I review stories too extensively... I've been told next time I want to do walls of text reviews to do it in forum threads instead to facilitate "back-and-forth" communications.



Hmm.. don't know about other people, but as long as I get reviewed, I don't care where. ;)

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Sometimes I review stories too extensively... I've been told next time I want to do walls of text reviews to do it in forum threads instead to facilitate "back-and-forth" communications.


Who has told you that :blink: ?


What a strange comment. I hope it wasn't from the author... Then again, the main thing I guess is to give feedback, no matter which way it is given. I'm sure it is appreciated.

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