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A few days ago, I had the joy to celebrate a triple anniversary, my 3 grandsons are all born between the 18th and 22th of March.

In my Status and in the Chat, I mentioned this event with a Birthday cake with 65 candles, representing the total age of my 3 grandsons. The questions I got concerned the kind of the Birthday cake (I will forget some questions, specific to spirit of the Chat, about the “hotness” of my kids :lmao:).


Returning to the problem of the cake, I remembered that all the great moments of my life were marked by festive meals ending with cakes.

Life without cake is sad, monotonous and without flavor.

The cake is not only the joy of childhood.

Cut a cake and divide the slices among all participants is almost a sacred act, a secular ceremony involving all the hearts (and tastes of palates!) and assembling them in one body.


All this makes my mouth water.

Here, for my pleasure and yours, a few examples of cakes found on the Net.


Black Forest Cake




and, for those who want to buy a cake :


Cakes !

And you, how many different kinds of cakes do you know?

And in your region or country, what are their characteristics?

And above all, Which Kind do you prefer?

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And you, how many different kinds of cakes do you know?

And in your region or country, what are their characteristics?

And above all, Which Kind do you prefer?



I like cake.... but I can't eat cheesecake - it's just gross



My 2 favourites are Freddo Frog Ice-cream Cake, and Black Forrest cake



the only annoying thing about the ice cream cake, is that currently I can only find it at three/four Coles and an IGA




It has little freddo heads in it





and sprinkles, and 3 different colours


you've not had ice cream cake until you've had this cake :)

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I love cake. Im quite lucky as well in that we have a shop about a mile or 2 down the road from where I live that has imo the greatest selections of homemade cakes in the world. Cake Shop


We go there an awgul lot, right now my fave there are the choc fudge cake and the lemon layer cake both of which are totally moreish

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Let's see... my hubby likes cheesecake but I usually buy it for him, not make it. We went with a very non-traditional spice cake with apple cinnamon filling and a cream cheese frosting for our wedding cake. That was super nums!! My kids just like cake and don't care about flavor so I usually make a vanilla cake and color it with gel food coloring since I make my own frosting too. They like the homemade buttercream or marshmallow frosting usually. Then I shape their cakes. I've done pyramids, prehistoric jungle with a volcano for dinosaurs, a giant pink pig (don't ask), a kitty cat... quite the variety. My own preferences for cake usually run to chocolate with more chocolate :P Hmm... chocolate!

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Cakes are a big deal in my area of the country. We eat them even when there is nothing to celebrate - and we'll celebrate just about ANYTHING!


Icecream cakes from Dairy Queen are huge right now. Chocolate (of course) is most common and my personal favorite. About the only cakes I can't eat are cheesecake and fruitcake. I'm not sure why fruitcake is even considered edible!

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