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Pick any fairy/nursery/tall tale, take a secondary character's POV, and rewrite the story.


Extra Credit: if the POV you chose is a good guy, make them the bad guy. And visa versa.


This one will be a little longer than most of the other prompts, take your time.

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Brothers Grimm, The Frog Prince : http://www.eastofthe.../FrogPrin.shtml





The Frog Prince (Heinrich)


A colored coach drove up, decorated with plumes of feathers and a golden harness, and drawn by eight beautiful horses. Behind the coach rode the prince's servant, faithful Heinrich, who had bewailed the misfortunes of his dear master so long and so bitterly that his heart had almost burst.


Heinrich smiled at the young princess who had broken the cruel charm of a spiteful fairy and thus had changed the prince’s miserable fate. Heinrich gave his master a humble nod. The prince smiled cheerfully. He had nothing to wish for but that the young princess should go with him into his father’s kingdom, where he would marry her and love her as long as she lived.


The spiteful fairy had changed the prince into a frog. Only the princess had been able to change him back, because she had taken the frog out of the spring where he lived, and had let him eat from her plate and sleep upon her bed for three nights.


Heinrich opened the door of the coach. He smiled at the princess. And the girl smiled back. The princess was beautiful. Golden hair framed her face. Her alabaster skin was soft and smooth. The girl’s blue eyes sparkled with joy and delight.


Heinrich held out his hand to help the princess climb into the coach. The princess nodded gracefully. She took Heinrich’s hand. Her hand was warm. Heinrich squeezed it slightly and almost tenderly.


Then Heinrich made a step back in order to let the prince climb into the coach. The prince smiled at his servant who had been faithful and loyal for so many years. Heinrich nodded humbly. The prince turned his face to the princess and was about to climb into the coach, just when Heinrich stepped closer.


The eight beautiful horses fidgeted. The coach moved slightly. The prince turned his head with surprise. He looked into the cold eyes of his longtime servant who stood motionless with a knife in his hand. The prince opened his lips and his eyes widened in utter confusion. But before he was able to say a word, Heinrich grimly stabbed the prince from behind. The prince fell. Before the princess was able shout out in agony, Heinrich jumped into the coach and placed his hand on her mouth.


"Open the door, my princess dear; open the door to thy true love here!" Heinrich repeated the words that the enchanted prince had said to the princess.


Heinrich gave the princess a grim look and a triumphant smile.


"I was waiting oh so long for my sad fate to change. The servant of a frog. I have bewailed my misfortunes so long and bitterly that my heart has almost burst. But now I have got a share of the pie. You are mine, beautiful princess with alabaster skin and sky blue eyes."


The eight beautiful horses fidgeted. And then the colored coach, decorated with plumes of feathers and a golden harness, moved and soon disappeared out of sight.








Edited by Dolores Esteban
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