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[Nephylim] Enigma III

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This project is SO exciting for me. I have never written a sequel let alone a trilogy. I am so excited especially as Ariel is talking to me this time. He's so much fun but he's having a hard time at the moment. All he's known is sex so when he has to deal with relationships he's a bit confused.


I am 60k in and looks like it's going to be a long one.


I hope you don't mind a lot of switching perspective beacuse Ben Ariel Silver and River have all been hassling me for space to speak. What could I do but let them :)


it's mostly Ariel's story though so I hope you all like him.

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60k already? :D awesome!! ^_^ is it near done, yet? :P

Cant wait for that one! Ariel would be so much fun to know! ^_^

Not to mention more of the new River/Silver Dynamic, AND Ben!


i'm fidgeting already! :D

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I'm now 75k in having had a writing spurt after a very uplifting conversation with Maria who definitely got my energy back


Ariel is in truble and about to have the shit really hit the fan. Ben is having a really really bad time and SIlver and River are closer than ever, working as a team.


Hard times coming but in the meantime Ariel is being Ariel. Here is a taster of him from Ben's pint of view



Suddenly Ariel disappears and a laughing Silver calls to me. “Help me, Ben. We’ll teach the little monster a lesson.” Joyfully I get myself to my feet and leap on Ariel’s legs as Silver holds his squirming upper body as I tickle him until he’s sobbing with laughter and, with surprising strength heaves me off his legs, swings them up over his head to wrap around Silver’s neck, flips him over his head and follows into the spin to land on Silver’s chest.


I can’t move. I’m laughing too much. Silver lets Ariel tickle him for a while before flipping him off and racing across the garden laughing and daring Ariel to catch him. He taunts him by doing cartwheels and backflips but if I had no chance of catching Ariel he has absolutely no chance of catching Silver and, when he does eventually catch him, Silver sweeps him up and holds him tight his body; his feet inches off the floor.


“Give in?”


“No I… Aaahh,” he squeaks as Silver squeezes him. He’s kicking his legs like mad but Silver’s surprisingly strong and he is never going to get free. I am laughing so much at his squeals that it hurts and I have to sink to my knees, holding myself. Everyone is laughing but no one goes to help Ariel. Maybe they’re all as irritated by him as I am. “Alright, alright, I give in. Let me go.”


“No reprisals?”


“No, no none.”


“No tickling, or chasing, or jumping or…”


“No. Let me go, you’re squeezing all the air out of me. I can’t breathe. You’re killing me. I’m going to die.”


Giggling, Silver sets Ariel on his feet and Ariel looks up at him with big eyes and a frown. Silver ruffles his hair and he stands, hands on hips, glaring at him angrily. Silver smiles and turns away. Ariel glares after him for a moment then grins and skips to the cool box to pick out a Bud. It looks weird… like a kid drinking alcohol. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s not. It’s hard when he not only looks like one but acts like one. Silver does too when he’s around. I like it.


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If the basic theme of "Enigma III" is even CLOSE to this 'excerpt', I shall have to hug you till you have no breath left in you. (Actually, that wouldn't work at all!). Posted Image


Pacing myself-somewhat-I am saying that I am looking forward to this new presentation. :king:


Please bear with me, as I get 'giddy' when in a feeding mode.


I am, respectfully, waiting. 0:)



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Weeeellll as you can imagine it's not like that ALL the way through but, as this one is largely about Ariel it's a lot lighter and more playful... except where it isn't


Ariel is his usual self though so there are going to be plenty of adventures you can be sure and, although there is angst aplenty it's nowhere near as dark as it has been before.


I am up to 80k and still going strong

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You just keep on doing things at your own pace, Nephy.


I was thinking just a day or so ago about how wonderful it has been for me to have found Gay Authors and then, of course, Nephylim.:music:


What a horrible loss to all of us if you hadn't found this venue.


Ariel Ariel Ariel (something seems to be stuck here):D

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Haha. Thank you hun. I feel exactly the same about this place. I am SO glad I found it. It has got me through some tough times and there are stories... like Hostage, Fallen and Enigma which would never have been written


I am glad I found you too. Your support has been invaluable.


As for Ariel... I'm kind of addicted to him. Even Silver is taking a back seat to the little angel. But oh god can he get himself into trouble. Ben is the same, As a mother I have to sigh.

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I'm up to 130K words and I think I am probably about 3 chapters from the end which, incidentally sees quite a few of your favourite characters with their shirts off.


Also I am thinking that perhaps some of my other characters might make guest appearances in the last chapter.

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First, I am SO glad that you are so far advanced in "EIII".


Second, your post above asks for input that I no longer have.


Around December of last year I was standing at the edge of a void. I was told to close up shop-finalize things in my life with regard to health. So I (being so deeply embedded in the closet :( ) chose to destroy all of the story notes that I have kept on all of the stories that I have read over the 'net'-everything. Totally.


I have survived that muck and I am keeping notes again. :) I really wish I could put together a guest list for a final chapter in "Enigma III" What a hoot that would be!



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Oh babes, I'm so sorry you went through such a tough time and so glad you made it through.


I think it might be a great idea to throw out there though. From talking to people it seems that many of them have their favourites so maybe they could suggest a guest list for the trip to the beach.



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I am very nearly finished with the story and I am looking for volunteers to beta/edit.


No need to apply Cia, you're a given.


As a conceited, egotist I have to make an absolute point of saying that anyone involved with the beta/editing process is NOT exempt from leaving reviews, comments or entering discussions on the forum :P


I am going to look really stupid if no one volunteers. Would you really really want that :(

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  • 4 months later...

Hey Nephy, if you're still struggling for a/more beta/s, let me know. Granted, I've never actually been a beta before, but (if you recall) I have provided some feedback to your previous works. Let me know either way!

seraph74 :)

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You know, I was beginning to think that this story was cursed.


I've sent it to two of my usual editors who have said they would do it and nothing, NADA has come back. I would be absolutely delighted for you to beta. It's getting nowhere at the moment.


PM me with your email and I'll send it to you.


Thank you so much


i think this will be the only story i will be waiting to come out... cant wait... love ur stories..... Posted Image


I'm waiting for this to be betad and edited. Once that's done I'll decide what to do with it. There is a chance it might go straight to publication. If that is the case then everyone at GA will get a free ticket to read it.

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You know, I was beginning to think that this story was cursed.


I seriously cannot think of anything you write as being cursed... well, unless you want it to be, heheh ;)


PM with email addy to follow shortly.



seraph74 :)

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