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51 -- Challenge

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Write a poem using this format:



1. first line put your name


2. think of an object (thing) that descibes you and for the next several lines (at least 3) tell how you are like that object without naming it.


3. last line name the object



This poem does not have to rhyme but extra credit if the middle lines do.

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I have many names, Mark, Marky, even minion and baby


Only in GA of course, well, not always but maybe


There is one thing I own, treasured more than any other


It isn’t something of beauty, mainly I wouldn’t bother


It has a use, a purpose, not anything treasured


But what it gave to me, couldn’t be measured


Small, black and shiny, it opened like a shell


It could purr like a kitten, or ring merry hell


I’d hardly used it before, never cared what it said


But now it is vital, I even take it to bed


It’s my link to my baby, to the man I adore


He makes my body tremble and my heart soar


So as I caress this little object so new


I’ll type in the message of how I love Stu…


I was loved; I was cherished never more alone


This, of course, I said to my mobile phone



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I have a variety of names from Charlie Brown and Ziggy to Brother, Son, Friend, and Wayne


It is small and willing to listen to all of your pain

willing to sit and play all of your games

It is fuzzy and cute and many seem the same

but many have one that on their bed has lain

for it is a forever friend they gain


Cause I'm like a teddy bear, here to comfort when tears fall like rain.

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