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I sat looking at the huge pile of laundry and dishes waiting to be done. Housework is a pain but I really need to get them done. I am on my last clean shirt and I know I used the last fork with breakfast. Sigh. Oh look here comes the mailman, I don't think the mail should just wait in the mailbox, so let me bring that in. Wow, the house is really quiet. Let me put on the radio. Oh I love this song, let me sing along. Awww. Does the puppy want water. Here let me fill up your dish. Do you need to out too baby? Come on, let me take you for a little walk. Okay. Oh yeah, I still have to do the dishes and laundry don't I. Well I suppose I should go to the bathroom first. Oh look, I really should finish that note to my brother. It will only take a minute.Yeah, I was over due to get that done. I wonder if i have any emails? Let me go check. Oh what do you know. Let me mail them a reply. Oh, I should check Facebook too. I haven't sent back anything for the games I play. Gee, I don't want people to think I don't care. Ohh. Lunch time. Hmm, I'll just make a sandwich, I don't need a fork for that. Phone," Oh hi, yeah good. Sure we should go out tonight. I'd love to. See you later." Wow is that the time already. God days are not long enough. Let me grab a shower so I'm ready to go out at five. Oh damn, laundry. I guess I have to toss that up if I am going to have clothes tonight. Yeah I suppose the dishes should be done too. Sigh. I don't know where the day went I just had to do dishes and laundry and it is almost time to go out and i got nothing done all day. Hmm.

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