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Nipples are tricky. They come in all shapes and sizes and shades. They do not, as a rule, look like much of anything, aside from nipples. Therefore one should never compare nipples to cherries, pencil erasers, or frankenstein bolts. However, how should you describe nipples?



Come up with a list of at least six descriptions for nipples. Use all your senses, be sensual.

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1. Fleshy nubs pulled in tight keeping warm on a long winter's night

2. magic marker naval, open mouth delight, tounge hanging out, red and bright, up to the top the markers go, an eyeball, see two large circles made, eyelashes, eyebrows compelete the cherade.

3. dusky portcullis of delight wrapped in a whilpool of skin

4. areola flats, flat no more, condos rising, milk third floor. sweet and sour a sensual treet flicking tongue to the thobing heartbeat, sychronize tongue to tit, skin to skin, milk to spit, gushing flood, swallow or spit, female orgasm? could it be me?

5. like wine on snow it teases to take a taste, will it be hot or cold? A chill breeze blows and it responds forming a tight bud, the best for biting and I lean closer, if only to take a nip, just a little nip.

6. swollen fruit, pinpricks beneath my teeth, ripe for the taking.

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I sat watching Ted sleep on the beach towel. A fly landed and walked across his chest till it seemed to be drawn to his nipple. I couldn't fault the fly, I too was obsessed with his nipples. Slightly larger than a quarter those little peaks of delight had often acted as a siren's call to me. Most of the time they were flat, smooth, and would occasionally smell of his musk and cologne. Flicking my tongue over those sensitive pleasure points I would see the skin swell and little peaks or pyramids form. I teased him during the winter when they would be hard as can be and ask if he was looking to cut diamonds with them. The pale skin around them helped to set off the dark brown of his nipple that grew to a deep tree brown near the very tip. The few hairs on his chest seemed to swirl around the nipple paying it homage. I remembered all too well how earlier I had lavished attention on them tasting the sweat and desire that rolled off his skin. I was roused from my thoughts as the fly too flight. A wicked smile played around my lips as I thought of how I would nibble and bite on them later but for now I'd take pleasure in just applying more sunblock to his delicate skin.

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I am blindfolded and cuffed on an armchair, willing and waiting for you – you sexy tease. Seconds and minutes pass before you land your weight on my lap, straddling me, locking my hips down and rubbing our bare chests together with deliberately slow movements. Your nipples feel hard as daggers against mine, pointy little guns directed straight at my heart. As you lean forward and move up on your knees, my mouth is in direct line with one of those mini erections. You pull my lips in contact with your hairless, smooth skin and I search one of the throbbing, thrilling treasures with my lips. You smell like apples and cinnamon and taste deliciously you. I swallow the raisin head in my mouth, sucking it, making it as hard as possible. With eager I salivate the wrinkled texture of it, I blow on it, I smile against it. ‘Mine!’ The jolts that my actions create to your body almost echo into my ears too – the vibrations of your tender skin are music to me. I can’t resist anymore, I give my favourite hola hoop a bite.


“Oij!” You take the blindfold off of me. “Look what you did now!”


I blink a few times and face a deliriously captivating sight: you arching your back, rubbing your chest. My eyes focus on the wet, painfully erect jewl surrounded with the marks of my teeth.


“Can I do the other one too?”



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