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The Secrets Of Pimsim Cove

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Taking 3rd place in GA's 2011 Novella Contest, The Secrets of Pimsim Cove was written by KC Grim. Congratulations, KC! You can find the story through this LINK and comment here in the topic. Congrats again KC!

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I want to thank all of you who read this story. It’s a little different for most GA readers and I really appreciate you taking the time to read it and hopefully enjoy the Secrets of Pimsim Cove.


This story really belongs to my daughter, JJ :wub: . I wrote it for her as a gift, after she kept asking me why she couldn’t read any of the stories that I’ve written. Trying to see through the eyes of a teenage girl gave me a new perspective on my writing. I hope this story not only takes you to a place you’ve never imaged, I want you to enjoy the ride along the way.


If you didn’t read The Secrets of Pimsim Cove as part of the Novella Contest, you can still check it out. It is a fabulous tale about a courageous young girl who will do anything to bring her father home.


Again, thank you for everyone who took time to read all of the wonderful stories.:2thumbs:

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Thank you for wonderful notes and messages. It really means a lot. To still be the new kid on the playground and find a spot with such brilliant writers, I'm honored...I really truly am! :)

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Fantastic story, KC!!! Only just discovered it now, after first inhaling 'Mr Anonymous' and then scouring the site for anything else you'd written.


Really love the Triton aspect, as it's not one that has been captured in (m)any stories I've come across (let's not go down the Aquaman path, hmmm?), so it's a nice refreshing change from vampires and werewolves.


Very well written, great characterisation, and really felt like it was coming across from Anna's perspective with the teen-girl 'angst' about image/clothes/appearance/humilation factors. (BTW, Sean is definitely a hottty... can I have one? :P)


Look forward to reading more of your works... maybe even another Triton-based story, perhaps?


All the best,

Seraph74 :)

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Thank you so much. Pimsim Cove is one of my favorite stories. It was written as a story for my daughter. It's a nice change from what I normal write but I had so much fun writing from the point of view of a teenage girl. If I find a Sean, my daughter calls dibs but if he has a twin maybe I can talk her into sharing :P


And I see you are a big fan of Max and Percy too :wub:


Thanks for reading


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