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Problems with 'Editor' Status


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Hey guys,


I've noticed a problem with the editor title. I found that when I posted a story no one got any notifications, and it wasnt updated in the 'Recent STory Updates' board; I had to change to author status, and it worked just fine. I needed the editor status so that new people would know I was an editor, and to be honest I like to be thought of as an editor rather than an author at this stage and so would really prefer to keep that title, so i had to change back after I had posted the story.


As you can imagine, this is really frustrating and time consuming. Now I have had to choose one or the other and, as i want to post stories I have no choice but to be an author which is not what I really want at all.


I was wondering if this was something that was a problem for anyone else (i have a couple of fellow 'Editors' tell me that it was! i just want to make sure) and whether there is a way that, perhaps either someone could have dual status of author AND editor or whether the bug with the editors' posting and notifications malfunctioning could be fixed.


Thanks In advance,

Frostina :D

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I have to admit that this is not something I have ever thought about. I think that when i first joined author was the only status... with promising and hosted as kind of progressions of that.


Poet and editor are new ones, I think.


Maybe it's because they are new creations they act differently to the originals... if you see what I mean.


I have no idea whether anything can be done but I can understand why it would be frustrating to you when you identify yourself primarily as an editor and want others, especial prospective editees (is that a word) to see your editor status.


Thinking about it... poets can post and that was an 'add on' too so i would think that it's posible to extend it to editors. On the other hand you know how technological I am.


Have you asked Myr whether it's possible to have dual status? I'm sure he can fix it... maybe Cia or Lugh could help too. i think they're the most technical bods.

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aww I hope something can be done for Editors, I mean Authors of all kinds and Poets can post without problems so Editors should be able to too :)

Don't know how hard it would be but I do hope other existing and upcoming Editors don't have to choose otherwise we may miss out on some really cool work :)

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I haven't gotten around to publishing anything yet (Though you can expect to see something soon), but I suspect this will be a problem for me as well. My experience with IPB software tells me that permissions for GA Stories posting is assigned via a permissions mask, so the fix could be as simple as Myr checking a box or changing a zero to a one (or a false to a true). We just need him to notice this thread and have enough time to look in to it.



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I'll forward a link to this topic to Joe to look into. He should be able to take care of it.


The Editor tag has been around for a number of years and was use was discontinued for awhile. Since the opening of GA Stories, the tag became available for purchase (free) to members who edit. When I first joined GA, I had the Editor tag. Besides being an Admin and the Writer's Support Team Lead, I'm still an editor.

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Okay I know I drag you through to Beta and Edit for me, Frosty, However I also love your work. I know the main reason I get it is because I have you as a favorite so every time you post I am notified. I don't know if happens when you do it as and editor though. Sounds like something the top guys should be able to fix for you.

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I hope they can fix it and get those who play those dual roles the proper credit. I hate when I don't know that you've posted something new, so it's important to your readers to know when you post. At least you tug on my sleeve whenever you add something new so I can go read, read, read :D

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WOW! Nephy, Stu, Marky, Intune, Nathan, Maria, Wayne, KC, elez, and last but not in ANYWAY the least, Jan and Joe! :hug: Thank you guys sooo much!!! I am an Editor, again! and I don't have to change!! YAY!




Not sure if it's fixed or not. If you try posting a story again and it does the same thing, send me a message and I'll look into it some more, but the test account seemed to have worked.




I checked, and it works just fine! :D thank you. So, now I just have to ask you, or someone from the admin to delete that story. lol


:hug: thank you!




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