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[Jian Sierra] Jian's absence from the site

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Jian has asked me to tell you that GA has been banned in the country where he lives and that he will no longer be able to connect to the site unless the authorities change their policy, which is highly unlikely.



Jian loves GA and its community and he wishes to keep posting his stories here, so the admins have agreed to make me co-author on his current stories so that I can post chapters and reviews for him. He still plans to continue Lessons in Life, Fear in his Eyes, Subtle Beauty and Kissed (the forthcoming sequel to Not a Kiss), as well as his collection of flash stories. He might also write for future anthologies. Please keep leaving reviews on his stories, as he is always eager to read them. You can also send him an email if you want to talk to him directly.



We will definitely miss his presence in the chatroom Posted Image but he wishes me to emphasise that he's not dead yet Posted Image

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We will definitely miss his presence in the chatroom :( but he wishes me to emphasise that he's not dead yet :P




He is definitely not dead! I am so proud of Jian that he doesn't let this annoyance get to him and he keeps his spirits up. I will miss my twin in GA-chat :(


We will make this work somehow, I don't want him to feel abandoned by his GA-family. We all love him.

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Awwww....I was so confused when I got all my notifications in Bleu's name. But I'm relieved to finally know the reason. I thought he decided to leave GA or something. It was unfortunate that it happened in his country.


Bleu, please send my wishes to Jian! :)

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This sucks! :angry: Stupid people. My sis-in-law is in Beijing (China) right now and her emails lately have been all about the websites she can no longer access. Makes me appreciate the "free press" her in the US just a bit more.


Tell Jian we'll miss him loads! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the censors get their butts kicked come to their senses soon. :P

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Jian was able to connect to the site this week by using a friend's satellite connection, but it's not an option he can use frequently, so he is still trying to find ways to come back to the site more regularly.


Keep telling him you like his stories :)

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Krista, this is entirely unrelated to the hackers' attacks which forced Myr to block some IPs. This is happening because some Middle Eastern government's internet censorship agency added GA to its list of banned websites. They already ban anything dealing with pornography, gambling, and most sites promoting LGBT rights. Until August, GA had escaped that ban.


There are workarounds, which we are still exploring.

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