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[Lugh] It Was a Judgment Day

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2011 Fall Anthology


As usual, it would be (more than) helpful to read the other four installments in this series before reading this one. However, they are not required.

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It Was A Monday

Puck was living the life of a normal teenager. It was a typical Monday morning, the day things get started, and boy did they.

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It Was a Holy Day
Prince Anarix is finally Bound. However, much to his father’s displeasure he cannot recall who that might be. Therefore, the King has given his only son until the moon turns to locate his mate or join the priesthood and forfeit the crown.

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It Was A School Day

You think you know someone: You live with a guy for four years only to find out they aren’t exactly human. Your fiancé meant to wed your best friend. You meet an alien and fall in love. Yeah, you think you know someone…

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It Was A Rescue Day
Asked to look into the disappearance of his husband’s brother, Robert Atoll ends up facing his own worst nightmare – a family member being held in a Center that people rarely get out of alive. What is he to do? Nothing more than what any other family member with access would do – get him out at any cost.
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Guest alfredpowell

Look who is judgeing. You have quite a few damn good stories yourself that seriously needs 2 b updated Mr Turmoil. Authors tend 2 forget how addictive a good story is, and we as readers need our fix .... Judgement was somewhat confusing. Whats next

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vacation day... hopefully it won't be as confusing and it's not going to be an anthology. I'm not going to do another It Was A for an anthology.. they've grown too complicated for that now.

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im confused lol please tell me that is not the end of all this. Each book added some conflict but cleared up others BUT it's not all cleared up so hopefully one more book hehe.  

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