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Whisper by Bugeye

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Hey Bugeye,

Dude, you totally have something. You are a writer, you have a voice that comes across and drags the reader through the text. I could not stop reading once my eyes hit the first word. I cannot tell you how awesome it was that you threw in that poem and it was actually Good! I am very excited to read more of you. There was a little too much telling but you show things also so there was a balance. Again your voice helps make the telling more tolerable.


couple of questions, some points were not clear, and this could totally be my short coming or you intentionally made it vague...

1. Did he actually create the singing boy in some type of painting?

2. Is this set in the future and does he have some type of power that makes the kid from the painting come to life?

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Thanks for the nice. A novice writer, more like. Yes, I do like being the star narrator. I often possess my characters.


Yes, I imply lots of things in the story without much explanation. I could tell you things, but then, you would not think of things yourself. The story is set at the end of Whisper's life. What is genius and why sometimes is it productive. In my own mind, all thirteen paintings are of Sigh. Maybe what Whisper captures is frozen despite being endless. A song that lives on and is sung many times, many ways, in many hearts.

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