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Prompt #70 - Creative


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Meet Pat and Chris. Pick one or the other and tell us all about them. There is just one little catch. You can't tell us anything that makes it gender specific. No "Chris likes to go camping where he pitches the tent." Instead tell your story like "Pat likes to go camping with friends where they pitch their own tents." It helps to make you more aware of how to use the language and keep from writing yourself into a corner. Good Luck.

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Chris was a bit of a flirt. Now, flirting is good; mmmm, very good; but sometimes it can go a little too far. Chris flirted with anyone and, generally, that's fine but what about when you flirt with your boss; your best friend; your best friend's mother?!!! No, this isn't about flirting with anyone's best friend's mom; even Chris would balk at that; I mean his MOM? Eew. And as for his Dad... well, don't even go there.


But Chris would flirt with something far more dangerous than that; Christ would flirt with danger and one day, danger flirted back.


Chris was working in a factory, at the time, making jeans. There was a boy who worked there, Arthur, that Chris was very friendly with. Would it ever have gone further? Maybe, but that's not what this story is about. This story is about, Janine, Arthur's sister who Chris certaintly did go further with; way way too much further.


It happened on a Sunday afternoon when the three of them were attending a pool party thrown by one of Arthur and Janine's friends. They were relaxing at the side of the pool with long, cold drinks in their hands and eye candy wafting about all around. The combination of the heat and the totty was getting them all very hot under the collar, not that they were wearing collars or anything much else, and their minds were wandering down dangerous roads.


Chris, as usual, was flirting; with Janine, with Arthur, with anyone else who happened to cross their path and it was having an effect on the already hot and horny Janine. Now might be a good time to mention that Chris got away with more flirting that the average joe, becuase Chris was undeniably beautiful and, on that day, Janine got completely carried away by that beauty to the extent that she did something she would NEVER otherwise have done; and, on refelction was horrified by.


At that time, however, she wasn't horrified at all when she waited until Arthur went for a drink and then drew Chris away to a secluded spot for some serious flirtation of her own.


What happened next was explosive, to say the least, and left them both with stars in their eyes. Chris was already regretting the affair, blaming the hot sun and way too much to drink; but Janine didn't start to regret it until later, when her beefcake boyfriend came to collect her. As soon as she set eyes on him the true horror of what she had done hit her right between the eyes; rather like the said boyfriend did to Chris some time later when he found out what had gone on. Apparently the secluded spot was not as secluded as they had hoped.


Chris pretty much gaven up flirting after that,at least with anyone who might have a beefcake boyfriend which was something, you can be sure, was checked out thoroughly before any flirting took place.


As soon as the black eyes went, down and the cast came off, Chris entered holy orders and spent the rest of... well, okay, that didn't happen and, fortunately it wasn't necessary because, shortly afterwards Chris met someone who turned out to be 'the one' and, Chris' flirting career radically changed direction to be directed at only one person, who was very happy to flirt back, and so it went on for the rest of their lives.

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