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C James

Circumnavigation 95: Bull Dust

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Posted Image .................... Could be Lisa betraying Bridget, BTW that interview with Joel is long overdo!


Could be, Benji. The reason for my WAG is the way Barney was screwing Kline around with the Garlic Crusher. Keep in mind, Barney knows the name Kookaburra.


When Chapter 95 closed it was Saturday night in Australia. A couple of chapters back Gonzalez told Henry to setup the Joel interview on Monday. Due to a lack of reference points, I do not try to keep track of dates in Florida.


About 24+ hours to go for 96.

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I'm kinda surprised no one noted what I thought was a very significant passage:

“Hey, think you can make a key lime pie?” he asked.


“I said I can, and I will,” Shane replied, snatching up the lime juice and tossing it into the cart. “I might have to ask Officer Fowler to get the recipe from his wife, though. Hers are awesome!”


“Shelly Fowler,” Trevor mumbled, with a melancholy expression.


Shane angled his head. “Something’s bothering you, you look sad,” he said, in a gentle tone.

Trevor shrugged off his mood and smiled. “I’ve always liked the name ‘Shelly’, because it reminds me of my mom; it was her middle name. Dad called her that sometimes, and it’s what he had put on her tombstone: Shelly Carlson. So when I hear it, I get kinda mopey sometimes. It passes quick though.”

Hmmm - a woman in Australia who makes Key Lime Pie (a Florida speciality), who's first name is Shelly. I've wondered ever since the first Key Lime Pie references, and this just makes me even more curious.

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