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Memoirs of a child of the past century by Old Bob

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When I wrote this story, my first idea was to bring something for young readers, something they could learn from my experiences. Maybe it was wrong, my target should perhaps be more the older ones. To write what happened to me from 1929 till today, during the last 83 years, is something dear to my heart but I wonder what interest the readers could find in that story ?


Anyway, in the next chapters, the story will be more dramatic, more emotional, not in the way I write it but from the facts themselves. Between 1969 and 1978, I earned about 12 millions Swiss Francs, owned several companies in different countries, had to lead about 350 people, bought a 3 floors house for my family and, at the end, lost almost everything within the last 6 months of that period. As I often say : "I didnt knew exactly the amount of my fortune till I could count the amount of my losses".


I hope the readers reading this part of my story will be find it funny, with the same fun I have to write it. This kind of story is not common. Few people have like myself so much to tell about their experiences during almost a century.


What do you think ?




edit 20.11.2011 :


Nobody answered till today. My conclusion : my story dont interest anybody Posted Image . Doesn't matter. I'm still writing it for my own pleasure Posted Image .

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