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Supreme Gay Leader Election

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We need an uber- furhrer. Sorta like the Gay Pope.




I James Savik if nominated will serve. I'd rather not though. It would interfere with my busy schedule of sleeping late.


Please post your nominations for Gay Uber-Furhrer!


We shall smash our opponents with pink panzers!

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So I have to ask what are mLitary Marches? :blink: that's what the first 30 seconds says.


I'm not nominating anyone, I feel we should have a gay republic instead, sorta like Athens was back in Socrates' time. It was a republic and it was very gay. We can all move to greece and toss out the dysfunctional government they have and start over.

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We need a keen military tactician to handle our assets in these troubled times.


Posted Image


Our ninja cats need good leadership.


Posted Image


Flying cats armed with Gatling guns form our most feared shock troops.


Posted Image


And the dogs of war deserve a competent leadership.

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