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Rays of the moon. Feedback

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Deathboi here I just wanted to ask what everyone thought so far?

I posted here so I could get some hard feedback really :) ………………

I have an editor his name is Wild Heart :)great guy but looking for one more to help out :)and maybe some beta readers :P I am my worst critic rofl


Hope you guys like it so far I feel I am repetitive and need more detail but I’m told its “good” so ROFL

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I wanted to post this someone had asked how tanner could remember things but had "amnesia" :) which is something smart to ask!!! Tanner has selective memory loss :) I know crappy right?? rofl


and I wanted to say the memory loss may sound like it’s been a long term thing the way I start out the story but it has in fact just been a month and some change the gaps will fill out as I post more chapters :) I promise so if it stumped you please keep reading and if it does not fix its self or make you understand :) then I will be ok with you giving up on my story :)



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I just posted chapter 3 Posted Image um it will be a fill in chapter for Richard who is Tanners father Posted Image


I know some of you think the story is missing some of tanners background and info like his love life and things like that but this story is sort of slow passed and very vague at the start of things Posted Image but if you like it please keep going!!!!!!!! And if you don’t understand it please keep trying Posted Image


I LOVE FEED BACK!!!!!!!!! soo please tell me what you think Posted Image

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Story is on hold


It will be continued but will not be posted weekly like was planed till my new Beta and Editor have had their turns trying to help me out :) once first three chapters have gone through the grind house and I repost the fixed product :) I hope that does not bother any of you but I promise this will not end up a long wait or a dead story :) give me a month tops !

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Hello Everyone !!!!!!!!!



well im going to try to get back into the swing of things :) I lost a lot of my chapters so i have to do a lot over ..... BUT I THINK IM BACK!!! sorry everyone for being gone so long ....

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