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OK boys and girls its opinion time (or was it onion time?,no no definitely opinion time)



I can almost guarantee that this topic has been discussed but either i don't see it,or I'm just to damn lazy to go looking for it(it probably that one but lets go with the first excuse kay?) what is you favorite genre to either read or write


me i personally prefer anything that going to give me a short escape from reality which is why im drawn so heavily to Sci Fi/Fantasy stories and its just nice to still get to play pretend. Ive noticed that as you get older its frowned upon more and more. unfortunately that being said more often then not i cannot stand the whole High School Drama Genre (i know ill probably get a brick thrown through my bedroom window for saying that lol). Maybe its because Im still in high school reading a HS drama just feels like its all a bunch of false advertisement


*looks around wha? where is all the hott gay steamy drama i was promised.......Damn You Billy Chase, you lied to me!*




sooooo that being said what are you guys favorite Me Myself and I want to know( and the little blue fairies that i imagine everytime i stare at the sun for to long) but that's a story for another time.......a much much later time


so gimme your onion, er i mean opinion

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Paranormal romance. mm, mf, mfm, ff... doesn't matter. I like a mix of modern and fantasy the best and it doesn't have to be weres or vamps, but that's what I like. I also tend to really like to write it as well.

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Printed book read: Science Fiction and Fantasy, with a few others thrown in for seasoning (I quite like the Sharpe series - war novels from the Napoleonic period - and the Cadwell series - mystery novels from the middle ages).


Online reading: Gay Romance mainly, though preferrably college age or older


Writing: Romance. I've tried writing SF & F, but my mindset doesn't seem to lend itself towards writing that stuff, even though I love reading it. Agewise, I tend to prefer to write with young adult ages, but I'll admit that a large reason for that is that most of my stuff is set in Australia, and you have to be 18 to drive here (with a few exceptions). Characters without a means of transport are more restricted in what they can do :P At least if they want to leave the bedroom 0:)

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I love a good HS drama lol, but it must have some spice to it for it to tickle my interest. I'm not a big sci fi fan unless it has a modern feel to it. I normally look for the geek/jock stories that zland666 goes for. If the description sounds good though I always give them a glance.

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Its human nature to classify; but, I've taken enough mixed-genre courses to know that genre is just another constraint for writing that you either adhere to or don't, so long as its for the benefit of your writing.


I prefer reading science fiction, paranormal fiction (of the non-romantic persuasion*) and horror (mostly Christopher & Anne Rice, and Lovecraft). I have read just about everything though... because that's what happens when you go to university for a Literature degree...






*There are exceptions to every rule. I will admit that I had a brief love-affair with Laurel K. Hamilton's work, particular the first 8 books of her Anita Blake series. I will also confess to an undying love for her Meridith Gentry series, for the same reason I love Gaiman's American Gods & Anansi Boys: I adore re-tellings of the old myths.

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I love reading stories which are geared more to real life. It is one of my pet peeves to read a story about a guy(s) body appendages being grossley exaggerated. Its even worse when they have sex after sex scene. I have no idea where these writers grew up, but it never happened that way when I was growing up. I do enjoy a good mystery-thriller as well.

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Now that I'm done with university (it's been a year, but I'm still enjoying the feeling!) I tend to read mainly humour stuff - usually with adventure mixed in. I'm now starting Discword novels. I like that kind of style.


For writing, I don't like writing over-dramatic or hateful things. Probably because I don't know how to do that. I like more light-hearted stuff as well. There's enough drama in real-life after all... ;)

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