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When Inspiration or Ideas Just Sneak Up on You...


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What are some ways you can recall where you've had a sudden inspiration, or suddenly had an idea for a story, that just seemed to come to you out of nowhere?


I'll share something I just had happen to me today. This morning I was dropping my brother off to class. Inbetween conservations with him and with his friend also in the car, as well as the radio playing, my mind got to wandering, as it sometimes does. In this case it drifted to the third topic for this year's anthologies, "Friends and Enemies". I had an idea suddenly pop in my head for something I could write about, followed by several other ideas of how I could develop it. When I got home, I went to find a pen and a pad of paper, and proceeded to write everything down. :)


I don't want to sound vain with what I'm saying :P ...but after thinking about it, the whole thing seemed kind of quirky to me, and I decided I wanted to share this here in this forum. Then I thought, "Hmmm...I could make a topic out of this." Posted Image


(P.S.: I'm almost finished with the story I want to submit for "Choices". My plan is to have it edited, completed, and submitted before I start on this next one. Posted Image)

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I think ideas come at the oddest times and out of the strangest situations. I keep a notebook with me all the time. I write down bits of conversation, dreams, or even things I see, like a kid skateboarding wearing a Darth Vader outfit. If something seems odd or unusual it can lead to some great stories or even some prompts.

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Sometimes an idea hits me out of the blue and then I'm able to write 10K in a day. I once got up at 3am and wrote a long poem within a few minutes. The words were all in my head. I am in a somewhat dreamlike state when the muse strikes and then I can't stop writing. Sadly, my muse is wayward and absent often.

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