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Hey folks! I just wanted to post a quick update on what I'm working on. I have disappeared, or been swept away by the Dallas tornados. Currently, I'm putting together my first third person narrative. I should have chapters rolling out in a few weeks. The story is tentatively titled An Uptown Affair. That could change of course, as could so many other things. keep an eye out and stay tuned!

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Hey folks! Just wanted to send out an update. Look for my new series to start posting in about week! As usual, I'm going to try and pick a day to post, and stay on a weekly posting schedule (although, that's very time permitting between me and my editor and our very, very busy schedules). Finally, I'm looking for one or two Beta Readers to help me shape the series. If you'd be interested, and an a-typical college themed comedy/drama is right up your alley, let me know! Thanks for all the awesome support from everyone in this awesome community! I can't wait to start posting the new series :)

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Hey folks! As promised, Chapter 1 of my new story is up. Look for it here, and tell me what you think. If anyone is keene on starting a separate thread for The English Year, be my guest! Lord knows I have no clue how to do it myself. Thanks for reading, and as always, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.

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