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Breakthrough at MIT

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Pretty neat for a student project, though, to think up something to get their grades that has an immediate commercial application (revenue now is always bean-counter-friendly Posted Image ) plus the potential for more complex and important applications as an anti-icing coating, or a pipe coating that might help reduce oil and gas clogs, as the article suggests. So, yeah, well done you MIT guys :)

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Let's look at this in practical terms. Without the ketchup sticking to the bottle, you won't end up wasting water when having to rinse it out before putting it in the recycle bin. Not only that, but some old person won't dislocate a shoulder or sprain a wrist while trying to clean it out.


Also, think of all the tomatoes that will be saved, seeing everyone will get another serving out of each bottle, so those tomatoes can be used to feed the hungry. If that isn't good enough, then think of all the money restaurants will be able to save, due to the lack of waste, Maybe this savings will allow them to hire one more employee.


Did anyone notice my tongue-in-cheek? I hope not.

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