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C James

Canary Island about to erupt.

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In Changing Lanes, the island of La Palma and its volcanism was central to the story. However, one thing I did get dinged on a lot about was that it was implausible the news wasn't getting out regarding how serous the situation was. (or at least, might be). To be honest, I was worried I'd messed up there, so it was a good point to raise.


So, I can't resist posting about Herrio, the island southwest of La Palma. It was mentioned in the story due to having suffered an enormous volcanic collapse (leaving the north side looking like someone took a ten-mile bite out of it) about 130,000 years ago.


Well, one would think it'd be big news if it was getting ready to blow, right? Nope... have many of you heard about it? It was in the news a bit last year due to an eruption just off the coast, but now it's rumbling again, and this time the signs point towards a larger eruption. No one knows where; it might be on land, might be just offshore, but it'll almost certainly happen this summer.


Herrio eruption report, frequently updated.


CJ :)

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