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Prompt #169 - Creative


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People always say they want to hear the truth. A scientist who has been working on a new truth serum has finally had enough. One day the scientist asks his young assistant why they are late again. They turn, shrug and reply, "I am not really sure. Doesn't matter cause I'm here now." Feeling totally fed up he returns to the lab and opens his untested airborn version of his truth serum. Without the protocols in place it spreads across the world like wild fire. Now no one can lie. Is this a blessing or a curse?

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No one knows how the war really started.


It was like a plague of madness. Somehow people forgot how to lie. They forgot those little white lies that we use to sooth relations between people and worse- relations between countries.


Does this make me look fat? This is a question every married man dreads. Imagine the chaos if they answered why yes it does. Everything makes you look fat because your butt is big enough to land helicopters on.


This may cause a maelstrom in a home. Imagine what happens when nations forget to lie when they speak to each other.


China asks- why is that carrier battle group permanently assigned to the Western Pacific?


Imagine when diplomats can no longer lie and say because we don't really trust you and never will?


Or... Saudi Arabia asks why do you stubbornly support Israel despite all it costs you?


You can imagine what happens when someone tells the truth. Because we really think Arabs are low bred primitives.


Or when we tell England, Canada and Australia of all the nations of the world, you're the only ones we really trust.


We were exchanging missiles by nightfall.


Now we're picking up the pieces. It's difficult. We lost so many people but now we have a chance to rebuild a world with a foundation of truth instead of a web of lies.

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