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Prompt #181 - Creative

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After years of trying you get a letter from one of the many publishers that they love your book. It goes on to say they want the options to publish it and possibly even make it into a movie. As you read through the contract and the description of the book you realize that the book they have is not one of the ones you expected it to be. Instead of one your manuscripts, they have somehow been sent your journal. Will you allow it to be published and expose your every secret or turn the whole thing down?

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“They want it,” I shouted jumping up and down. “They really want it!”


Robert rushed into the room after hearing the commotion. My feet stomped the floor, my heart pounded, I hooped and hollered at the top of my lungs, shaking the floorboards and rattling the windowpanes. “Oh my god, they freaking loved it!”


“Which one did you send them?” Robert asked catching me in mid-air, twirling me around until we were both dizzy and collapsed on the floor.


“I don’t know. I don’t even recognize the name of this publisher, Myraville Romance. It doesn’t sound familiar.” Quickly scanning the official letter, I noticed that it was dated three days ago. The blue and white border with embossed print across the letterhead looked expensive. It said my name, my address, everything appeared to be in order but the line that should have held the name of my manuscript just said ‘Journal’.


Robert read the letter over my shoulder. “Do you think it’s a typo? I bet it’s that story you wrote, “The Journey of Gilbert Todd.” Maybe they shortened the title into “Journey” and the name was an honest mistake.”


Heat started to flush my face. My mind raced. The letter stated that they loved my work and not only wanted to publish it, but they have contacted a producer to turn the story into a movie. My head spun. “I think I’m going to be sick,” I said before falling back to the floor.


I looked up at Robert, his green eyes wide with concern. “I have a file on my computer labeled, “Journal,” I admitted. The words were barely a whisper as the reality of my mistake set in.


Confusion clouded his face, “Your journal?” He asked. “I thought all those little notebooks that you’re always carrying around, scribbling notes and ideas inside, were your journals.”


Shaking my head, I felt the bile rising to the back of my throat. “It was until I started to record some of the stuff on my computer. The books are filled with random stuff. Plots for stories, the weather, if a patient at work brings me cookies…but the file on the computer is very personal.”


“How personal, KC?” He glared at me.


“It’s all about you and me.”


“What?” Robert bellowed.


“I’m sorry, Rob, it was only for us to see.” Tears filled my eyes. “I never meant for this to ever get out.”


Robert paced around the room. He dragged his fingers through his auburn hair. “So this book, this movie, how much did you write?”


I covered my face as I admitted, “Everything! How we met, our first kiss, every fight and make-up sex afterwards. I even wrote intimate details about what we do to each other…I recorded it all!”


The sound of his heavy footsteps stopped. I looked up to see him staring down at me. There wasn’t anger on his face, but one of his breathtaking lopsided smiles. “All I can say, KC is that I had better have the finally decision over whomever they cast to play us in this movie.”


I smiled as I agreed, still numb to the fact that my life was not only going to be a book, but also a movie.

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