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Prompt #186 - Creative


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Everyone is going on about how great it would be to be younger. They want to look younger, act younger, and be mistaken for younger. Scientists and doctors have finally found a way to grant everyone’s wish, making them all back up so they look like they were sixteen, only with a body in perfect physical shape. No one is overweight, has acne, or the slightest blemish any more. However there is one catch to looking and acting so young, and it is a major catch. You can have the youth you want but you have to give up everything from your life now. As part of the surgery it wipes your mind blank and they replant memories so you fit into the present world as the perfect sixteen year old. So you start over as someone new, going to school and all. Is this something you are willing to do, give up your life and everyone in it now in order to be young and start all over?

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