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Prompt #201 - Creative

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Your cat has been bringing you presents. They aren’t the usual – no mice, birds, or anything like that. No your cat has been showing up with diamonds, gold nuggets, and emeralds. What is the story and where is your cat getting these gifts?

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Boyfriends, Baubles, and Beast



KC yawned and stretched as he walked toward the kitchen to get him and Mark a cup of java.  The wind was howling outside and it seemed the weather man was right.  The snow he saw through the picture window in the den was so thick that he could not see anything clearly outside.  He poured the two mugs of coffee and headed back toward the bedroom.


"Are you going outside?" he heard Mark ask groggily.


Looking down at the Big Bird thongs he had on with the stuffed yellow beak sticking out in front of him he wondered what in the hell Mark was thinking.  Of course he wasn't going outside dressed like this.  He walked into the bedroom and put Mark's coffee on his bedside table and took a seat on the covers that Mark was still huddled under.  "Do you really think I am going out in a blizzard dressed like this?" he asked gesturing toward the Big Bird undies that sported the beak that was beginning to stick out even more.


"Please go grab the paper for me honey poo so I can check the lottery numbers.  I left my jacket by the door when we got in last night." Mark purred to KC while fiddling with the beak of Big Bird.


Sighing loudly KC knew he just as well go get the damn paper or Mark would whine for awile and then punish him with no sex for the rest of the weekend.  He set his cup on the table beside Mark's and went to find the jacket and retrieve the paper off of the snow covered driveway.


After zipping the carhartt jacket, KC slipped his barefeet into Mark's leather work boots and opened the front door to air so cold that it literally took his breath.  Tipping through the snow down the drive he had his hands in his pockets as he looked for the paper in the six inches of snow on the paved drive.  Spotting the plastic bag glinting in the light, he headed toward it to be brought up by someone clearing their throat.  Standing in his own driveway next door was their neighbor and local pastor Rev. Adams.  He stood holding his own paper with his mouth open at a loss for words.  KC glanced down at himself and hastily grabbed the paper and turned his back to the pastor.  Sticking out right below the hem of Mark's coat was Big Bird's beak that was bobbing up and down everytime he took a step.  When he got to the door, Arnold, Mark's cat was patiently waiting to be let inside for his breakfast.  KC noticed something glinting in the sunlight beside the cat and reached down to retrieve what turned out to be a diamond stud that looked to be at least a carat in size.  He giggled in delight when he realised that his Marky poo had sent him outside on purpose so he would find his gift.  Ignoring the glaring man next door, he let the cat inside and shut the door behind the two of them.  Hastily putting the stud into his ear lobe, he all but ran to the room to jump into bed with his man, thinking of all the ways he could show his appreciation for the expensive bauble.


Mark almost fell out of the bed when KC pounced back onto his side at the sametime shedding his boots and jacket.  Jerking the covers back KC fell onto Mark like a starving man.  Not one to turn down morning marathons with his pooky bear, Mark lay back and enjoyed KC's excited ministrations.  He was going to have to send his man out into the snow more often in his sexy undies if this was the result.


An hour or so later Mark walked into the kitchen dressed in sweats to find that KC had a huge breakfast and mimosas ready for the two of them.  Kissing his boyfriend on the back of his neck, he wanked on Big Bird's beak before taking a chair and diving into the food.  Grinning like a school girl, KC watched his boyfriend eat trying not to squeal with excitement at the bauble that he sported in his ear.  Marky was his man and he knew it!


Monday morning KC was dressed for work, putting the finishing touches on breakfast.  He hollered for Mark to get a move on or they were going to be late.  Since it was still snowing, Mark was going to drop KC to work and pick him up that evening.  "Feed the cat will you KC, pooh bear?"  Mark asked sweetly from the bedroom.


Squashing his sigh of annoyance, KC opened the back door figuring it would take at least ten minutes to find Arnold since the cat pretty well did what he damn well pleased when he pleased.  He walked around the corner of the house to find the cat sitting beside the garage with something dangling from it's mouth.  Hoping it was not a dead rodent KC walked toward him to pick him up so he could hurry up and get back inside.  As he picked the cat up he heard a clink and knew the cat had dropped his prize.  Looking down he saw something gold half buried in the snow.  He reached and pulled out of the snow what appeared to be a gold nugget bracelet inlaid with heart shaped emeralds.  "Oh my god" he thought.  "What will it be next?  An engagement ring?"  Suppressing a silly giggle and holding back tears, he took the cat and headed through the back door.  After he fed the cat in the kitchen, he put the bracelet on his right arm, noticing how it looked great with the chocolate brown sweater he sported.  He was so excited now that he wished he had time to put on his red silk thong, purple feather boa, red heels, and Mark's favorite black teddy and show his pooh bear how much he loved him for these wonderful goodies.  He would have to plan it out carefully how to surprise Mark with a fitting thank you for his beautiful baubles.


Mark walked into the kitchen to find KC poised at the counter like a fashion model out of Victoria's Secret with his hand splayed across his chest, showing a bracelet on his wrist that Mark did not recognise.  Swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat and fighting the tightness in his chest, Mark pushed his worry to the back of his mind.  KC would not cheat on him and he knew it.  The bracelet was probably some kind of costume jewelry that he had picked up at one of those flea markets he loved to frequent.  Giving the bauble a second look, he knew better, but still gave his boyfriend the benefit of a doubt.  Chugging down a cup of coffee he grabbed his coat, and went to the front door, holding it open for his boyfriend as they went to get in his truck and get to work.


That night, when KC was preparing dinner, Mark silently slid up behind him, pushing the hair off of his ear and went to plant a kiss on his neck when he noticed the diamond sparkling against the lobe of his boyfriend's ear.  He kissed him lightly on the neck and before KC could respond, sat down on one of the bar stools, watching KC finish the meal. 


KC turned to find Mark looking at him with a thoughtful, but serious look on his face.  "Whatssup sweetums?  Why so serious?  Has your cat been sneaking around on you?"  KC asked playfully, hoping Mark would mention the gifts.


Mark's face turned blood red with anger before asking,"What do you mean KC?  Has he been playing around?"


KC seemed puzzled, but just shrugged and starting putting the food on the table thinking Mark was just in one of his moods.


A couple of hours later KC crawled into bed with Mark and was surprised when he seemed to already be sleeping.  Turning both of their lamps off, he moved against his boyfriend and slept himself.


Mark felt KC curl against him and knew when his breathing evened out that he was asleep.  Sliding from the bed he went into the kitchen, got a beer from the fridge, and went into the den and removed the screen from in front of the fire.  After feeding the fire more wood, he settled down on the floor, back against the couch and stared into the flames wondering what had gone wrong with hims and KC.  He knew he teased KC a lot, treated him like the female in their relationship, but he thought he had made it plain to KC how much he cared for and loved him.  Why would he cheat?  The expensive gifts?  Better sex?  Finishing his beer, Mark set the bottle on the coffee table and lay his head back on the cushions of the couch and fell into a restless sleep.


The sound of scratching woke KC from a deep slumber.  He noticed Mark was not in bed and stumbled to the back door to let the cat and probably Mark in if he had gotten locked outside, hunting that damn cat.  When he opened the back door, Arnold darted through  heading straight for his feed bowl.  KC looked around to make sure Mark was not outside and as he went to shut the door he saw something laying at his feet as you stepped out onto the sidewalk.  He picked it up and all but screeched when he saw the nugget ring with the three diamonds in the center.  Mark had taken the final step but KC could not understand why he had yet to verbally convey his feelings.  Slipping the ring on the ring finger of his right hand, he went in search of Mark to find him asleep in front of the fire.  He must have gotten up in the middle of the night to put the ring and cat outside for him to find.


KC was in the kitchen drinking coffee in his robe when Mark woke.  Mark stumbled into the kitchen and asked, "Why aren't you getting ready for work?"


"Boss called and said we were taking a snow day since it is over a foot of snow on the ground now. The roads are getting pretty treacherous." KC replied.


Mark grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for the shower hating the feeling of doubt that he felt at his boyfriend's words.  KC had never lied to him.  After dressing, he went into the den, sat down on the couch, put on his boots, and grabbed his coat from the back of the couch as he headed out the door.  "See you later munchkin".  he said as nice as he could, hoping KC would still be there when he came home today.


KC grabbed Mark as he opened the door and pulled him into a tight hug.  "You know you are the best thing that even happened to me don't you?" KC asked desperately, trying to convey his feeling of love for Marks gifts of affection.


Mark nodded, and held back his tears as he turned from KC and walked out the door.


At five o'clock that afternoon KC hurriedly put Mark's favorite beer in the fridge, the pizza in the oven to keep warm until later, and put the chocolate covered strawberries on a small crystal platter and set it on the coffee table in the den.  He hurried to their bedroom, opened his drawer pulling out his purple feather boa, his bright red thongs with rhinestones down the front, a sparkly garter, his bright red silk teddy, and black stilettos.  He got into the hot bath he had drawn, shaved his legs hurriedly and washed his hair.  After the bath, he dried his hair, sleeking it back away from his ears with shine serum so his diamond stud would sparkle.  He put on the thongs, teddy, sparkly garter, and slid his feet into the stilettos.  Picking the boa up from the bed he draped it around his shoulders and walked over to the dresser to add a tad of black liner to his beautiful green eyes, and swiped some light colored mauve gloss across his lips, completing his appearance.   Smacking his lips at his reflection he went into the den to wait on Mark.


About ten minutes later a soft knock sounded on the door.  KC was not surprised that Mark left his keys again.  Opening the door, he popped his hands on his hips and said in his best Mae West voice," Come in big boy!"


Mark did not know who was more surprised at the sight that greeted them, him or the policeman that was sitting in his driveway when he drove up.  They had walked to the door together, and he had knocked hoping KC would answer, meaning nothing was wrong, but he never dreamed of this scenario, even in his wildest dreams. 


An hour or so later KC sat on the couch beside Mark, still in his sexy outfit minus emerald bracelet, diamond stud, and diamond nugget ring.  Seems a robber on the run had flung his loot into the hedges of a neighboring house and Arnold had loved the sparklies and brought them home with him.  The police had no problem believing the story because after finding the bag the robber had disposed of, it still contained thousands of dollars worth of jewels that would probably eventually have wound up in KC's possession.


Mark was so relieved at the development that he did not even notice his boyfriend's dejected look.  KC slinked over to the kitchen slinging the stilettos off as he walked.  Mark asked,"What's wrong?  You are not in any trouble poo bear.  Cheer up!"


KC mumbled, a tear escaping his eye to roll forlornly down his cheek. "I thought you had bought them for me and that the ring was an engagement ring." he said as he sniffed pitifully.


Mark got up from the couch and picked the heels up, handing them to his boyfriend.  "Would you consider putting these back on for me for this one?" he asked as he pulled a small black box from his pocket that revealed a gold band with emeralds and diamonds both sparkling from the top of it.


KC almost knocked Mark down as he hugged him, covering his face with kisses.  After a few moments of slathering Mark's face with his tongue, he reached for the heels, put them on,  letting Mark slide the ring onto his finger, KC  pranced across the room, his hand slung out as he walked, proudly displaying the engagement ring, Mark hot on his heels!

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OMG!!! Jo!! So,so funny, you are a sweetheart :wub:  :hug:


I'm full of cold with a sore throat and laughed so hard. What an awesome story, very well done. If I get time, and I will have to make it. you know it's PAYBACK!!!!

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