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*Sneak Peek* Geeks anyone?

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Hey.  I have a new story in the works that I am hoping to post soon about what happens when a Star Wars geek falls in love with an anime geek.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated.  


* * *



            Mikeal was in trouble.  With a capital T.  And trouble was staring at him in the form of a waify blond female with a pout on her very red lips.


            "I'm not hitting on you," the girl repeated, as if to make sure that Mikeal knew that.


            "I know.  But I'm just trying to tell you that I don't know how to put that on you," Mikeal explained.  "I'm just watching this booth for a few minutes."


            "Well, I want one, but I need to make sure it's going to fit me and I can't do that if I don't even know how to put it on," the girl said.  She had a slick red corset in her hands and was studying it.  "I'm sure I can figure it out if you can just give me a hand."


            Inwardly, Mikeal groaned but took the corset and helped pull it around the girl's midsection.  This was not what he had wanted to spend his weekend doing.  His best chick friend had drug him away from his favorite, comfortable haunts on campus to a place called Dragon Con in Atlanta that was too loud and too crowded for his liking.  And while Julie had promised enough Star Wars to fulfill every geeky fantasy he had ever known, he had been given little time to explore that because she always needed something for him to help her with.


            Which left him in charge of a booth full of chick garments that he knew nothing about.  Wonderful.  She had promised to be back 15 minutes ago so he could leave to help with the Lego Death Star sculpture and she still wasn't back.  Bitch. 


            "Okay…so...I guess…" God, he was so out of his element.  This was such a chick thing.  Where the hell was Julie?  "Um.  I'm going to hold it back here, for you, and you can fasten up the front."


            "What are these called?" the blond asked, hooking up the busks on the front. 


            "Um…" Christ I don't know….  "Hooks, I guess."


            She looked over his shoulder, flashing him a flirtatious grin.  "Girls must be amazed at your extensive vocabulary, huh?"


            Mikeal blushed, but didn't respond. 


            "It's kinda cute, actually," she continued.  She let her hands slip down the corset again, until they brushed against his.  He pulled them away quickly and set himself to tugging the laces together in the back.  He wasn't sure where to start, but since she was a thin girl he figured she might want some bigger boobs, so he started at the bottom and started pulling the laces. 


            "Pull them tight," the girl demanded.  "I want to have a tiny waist.  Like Scarlett O Hara from Gone with the Wind."


            Mikeal shrugged and pulled the lower laces with a tight yank.  The girl huffed out her breath.  "Tighter," she demanded.


            "Stop that," a warm male voice interrupted.  Mikeal jumped and turned around to look at a fairly attractive girl.  The fact that the pretty girl had a masculine voice didn't catch up until a few seconds later.  "You're going to damage it if you keep lacing like that." 


            The blonde looked up.  "But I want it tight."


            Mikeal was busy staring at the creature in front of him.  Looked like a girl…dressed like a girl….but spoke like a boy.  Tall for a female and he definitely didn't have that flowery, powdery smell that he associated with females.  His build was definitely masculine, even when wearing what looked like a sailor outfit with an indecently short skirt, long green hair and high black boots. 


            "If you tie it too tight like that, you'll only end up hurting yourself and perhaps damaging the garment," the man who looked like a woman continued.  Julie had told him about these people, she called them cosplayers.  But this was the first time he had ever been close to one. 


            "How do you know?" the girl asked.  The boy smiled and gestured at his outfit.  "Honey, you think I get this shape naturally?  I've got a corset on too, to narrow my waist.  These here, though, are not made to change your shape that much, just to define it.  If you tie it too tight, you risk not only hurting yourself and the corset, but you'll give yourself a muffin topNow…" the boy unlaced the laces and readjusted the corset slightly.  "Before I tighten it, make sure you adjust the girls on top however you want them.  Then, you start tightening here in the middle, instead of the top or bottom.  Then, from the bottom up to the waist, then the top down to the waist," he continued, pulling on the laces.


            "It doesn't feel very tight," the blonde said. 


            "It's not supposed to at first," the boy said.  "Just a little snug.  Like getting a nice bear hug."  The girl giggled.  "I'm going to tie it off here in the back," the boy continued.  "And that's it.  Ta-da!" 


            The blond turned and checked her reflection out in the mirror.             


            "Oh wow!" she exclaimed.  "I look fantastic."



If you like it, let me know.  If you don't like it, then please let me know.  :)  Thank you!

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There is no reason not to like it, Cassie. :thumbup: 


Is Mikeal's name an example of spelling a common name like Michael in a different way? Seems parents are doing this quite a bit lately.

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Thanks Ron.  Yes, Mikeal is an alternative spelling to a fairly common name.  I've noticed the trend lately myself.  (My sister's fiance has a son who I had been calling Jackson...turns out his name is spelled Jaxon!  Who would have thought)?

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I know first hand what you're writing about. My niece is a cosplayer and dragged me (Star Wars well not geek but close) to some of those events. I think the setting is interesting, I like it.

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Cassie, I'm an Anime Geek and a Star Trek Geek :D I won't ever call myself a Warsie :P


You should take a look at Star Wars Clone Wars, it will give a good common ground between Anime and Star Wars fans.

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