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Prompt #275 - Creative

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You have been invited to be a guest on a new game show. You figured it would be easy to answer some questions and win some money. Once you were in front of the camera you found it all to be rather easy and figured you would end up winning when you seen who your competitors were. Then the host came out and introduced the twist to this new game show. What is it?

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couldn't help but swagger as I walked out on to the set. I could have killed my house mates when they told me that they had sent my application in for this show, but who was I to turn down the chance to win money.


I had always fancied myself as a bit of a Bear Grylls, and the chance to stand in a woodland clearing and take part in tasks to test intuition and stamina and knowledge about nature, AND win MONEY for it, was right up my street. In fact, I had already planned what I was spending the money on. Vodka, Tequila, Beer, Cider, Shots, need I continue? Hell, it was called ‘Into The Wild’. Even the name was pretty tame, and not a little embarrassing.



The only other competitors I could see around me were children. They couldn't have been older than 10 years old. Awkward if I won, but who was I to become all moral – I was a student after all! I just figured it would be like a bad version of ‘Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?’.



couldn't have been more wrong.


As we all stepped onto our podiums, I looked ridiculous. The host had a look of glee plastered on his face, and all the children were staring at me. Again, awkward. I heard a bang go off in the distance, and the children started wailing and calling, jumping up and down and psyching themselves out. Confused, I looked at the host who was clapping in excitement and giggling.


“What we forgot to mention, Robbie, was that the intuition and that… well let’s just say that it’s you against all the children. And there are no rules. Hope you've got suitable running shoes on, son, because you might need them!” 


I looked around in bewilderment. Another bang in the distance, and the children leapt off their podiums and starting running towards me. My testosterone filled manliness retreated faster than life, and like a total girl, I turned and ran as fast as my short and stumpy legs would carry me. When I discovered who was responsible for these genetics, I was going to screw them over because the little buggers were gaining on me.



Shit. I had no idea when ‘Into The Wild’ turned into a sadistically hilarious version of Battle Royale, but I reminded myself not to watch it when it aired. If I even made it that far!

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