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How did you meet your soul mate

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I met my partner at the local bar and we stayed up until close talking. When he went home, he overslept the next day and missed his work. Oops. Somehow our odd couple opposites seemed to click and even through some bumps and bruises, we've managed to stay together for 15 years since this October with hopefully no end in sight. (fingers crossed)


Are we soulmates? I don't know about that, but we've certainly worked hard to keep ourselves together. I honestly hate the word because I've watched too many starry-eyed 20 year olds professing to have found it before they cheated on each other. LOL (Ok. I may be a little jaded.)

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 It's one thing to stay away from loose guys, but when you say too emotional, I do wonder if you might be too picky. 


Clingy and needy are not things that attract me :P

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I met my boyfriend on msn when I was 13. He is a friend of my nephews and back then it was all the rage to add as many 'friends' as you could. He was funny, nice to me, and we talked a lot about love and sex (what's it like being the other gender?) I fell in love with him without meeting him or even seeing a photo. He was just so funny, witty, but soft-hearted at the same time. My heart skipped a beat whenever his name popped up on my screen.

We lived pretty far apart though. And I wasn't about to tell my parents I wanted to travel for over an hour  to meet some boy I knew from the internet. So we lost touch. I got a different boyfriend. We didn't speak for years.

When my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and I had just broken up, I started msn back up again because I was feeling lonely. Lo and behold, his name popped up. He hadn't used msn in quite some time, but somehow (fate :P ?) he chose this day to log back in. We talked, a lot. It was like in the old days. Except now I was 19 and could travel wherever I wanted. Lucky for me he is also good looking! A week or so later we were a couple :). Love before first sight! 

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