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Prompt #278 - First Line


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Awww.... poor confused girl. I feel the sorriest for Charlie, she got the worst end of this. This makes you wonder how many times this scenario has played itself out in other people's lives. Probably more than we'd like to admit. Well done, Never.


Now go get an editor or author tag already.... :P

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Thanks for all the likes and positive feedback guys, this was something that I wasn't sure about posting, but now I'm glad that I did :)


You're posting in a great environment. Being new to the whole thing myself, I can certainly say how scary it is to post something you have created. There is always the fear that folks will rip it apart and that it will be worse than the buttered side landing on the floor. In truth, this might happen elsewhere but people here are amazingly helpful and supportive as you know. Plus, it doesn't hurt that your story was good!

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It's been too long since I did one of these. I really do have too many writing projects on my plate, but the lack of pressure to keep up with a serial and the fun of mixing new plot elements and characters together makes flash fun. Thanks for reminding me!!


So, here's "Mine"

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