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Story named "Target"

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over ten years ago I was a regular reader at Nifty...that stoped somehow.
Well, but now I am searching for stories I can still remember from that time and the clearest on my mind is that one called "target".
It was an absolutely great and catching story (wasn't finished back then)...and now I can't find it anymore. I tried it at Nifty and was searching the net, but all I could find was this comment (which is also over eight years old): https://www.gayauthors.org/forums/blog/10/entry-393-on-target-who-needs-6-degrees/

Well, the link to the yahoo group doesn't work anymore. Does this story exsist somewhere else? As book? EBook?...
Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot!!!

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The author's name is Jourdan Lane. Last I had heard, she (I think) took the story off line because she was going to have it published. But I'm not sure if that actually happened.


Thank you very much for the name!

Found her site...but it doesn't seem like the story is published.

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