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    • By Reader1810
      Continuing the game started by @Sasha Distan ...
    • By Dark
      1. We start with a word.
      2. The next player takes the last two letters of the word and uses it as the first two letters of the next word.
      3. Play continues until no words are found that will match.
      4. Keep the English language -- words that are found in the dictionary.
      5. Words cannot be repeated twice (or more) in a row.
      For example:
      word 1: gregarious
      word 2: usual
      word3: always
      Play would stop there unless a word was found starting with ys. How long can we grow the chain of words?
      Game 1 begins with: onion
    • By Valkyrie
      I thought it would be fun to start a new game.  The idea is to link two words that go together, using the second word  that the previous poster used.  For example:  peanut butter, butter pecan, pecan pie, etc.  
      I'll get us started.  
      bread pudding

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