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Prompt #311 - Creative

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You woke up this morning only to hear someone pounding on your front door a moment later. Throwing on a robe you open the door to find your best friend standing there looking at you. “I thought you would be dressed by now. We are going to be late to the parade!” What parade are you supposed to be going to and what happens?

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New Holland Colony

Leonis Sector

July 20, 2556


Alex Carter was awakened by a huge ruckus. Saturdays just aren't supposed to start like that.


The noise only got worse. Different songs were playing loud on many different sound systems. People were hooting, hollering and singing. Something was definitely up.


The door to his room opened and his younger brother Sam bounded into the room and landed right on top of him.


The twelve year old's eyes were bright and full of mischief, "Get up, get up lazy bones! There's a huge party breaking out!"


Alex looked at his younger brother rather incredulously and growled, "What's going on?"


Sam almost sang his next words, "It's the war Alex, its over!"


Alex gently shoved Sam out of his way and got up saying, "What are you talking about? How can it be over?"


Sam said, "Turn on your holo-vid. The news came in this morning. The Governor has signed a proclamation: it's a planetary holiday until Wednesday."


Alex grabbed his holo-vid controller and turned it to the Galactic News Network. The normally stolid news men were absolutely giddy with emotion.


The anchor man said, "Today's top headline at the top of the hour: Fleet Admiral Bassett has sent a message via STARCOM from the Pacifica system announcing an end of organized resistance as of 1200 yesterday. Moping up actions continue but the enemy fleet has been destroyed and all of the systems taken during the six year of warfare have been liberated."


"The Rim War as it has been called has been one of the bloodiest and costliest in human history with billions of casualties and two major worlds completely devastated. Admiral Bassett was sent to the war zone earlier this spring with a large, powerful Task Force in hopes of breaking the deadlock but apparently has been able to achieve an outright victory in what has been a long, painful stalemate."


"Parliament is in session at this hour and we expect to hear from official sources soon. On many worlds through out the Alliance, now is a time for celebration and reflection."


Alex was stunned. Until this morning he had known that he was going to join the fleet and face the uncertainties of a bloody, viscous war.


He stood up and put his arm around his little brothers neck and said, "Let's party!"


He could think about what comes next after he sobered up.


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