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Hi Folks


This is just a humble favour I am asking for, especially to all the readers of my short stories "A Beautiful Mess" and Footprints (SWIMMER). Bookslive in South Africa is looking for the best 20 South African stories, and I would humbly ask you for your nomination by visiting this site:




Your nomination will mean the world to me.


Nomination for A Beautiful Mess by LJH or Louis J Harris. Year 2014. Not in book form. Appeared on GA only.




Footprints is now called SWIMMER.

Published by Cooldudes Books And printed by Lulu.com

Release date 26 April 2014

Read first on gayauthors.net


and anything you would like to say about me.


All my stories are on GA


Your nomination could boost my writing dreams.


Thank you all and hugs and respect.

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Heya Louis,


I'd love to nominate your stories, but I can't find where to vote on the bookslive page. Unless I'm just missing it and need stronger reading glasses. ;)


Could you let me know where on the page I can vote?


Thanks! :)



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Thanks Lisa for asking :P

I spent like forever to figure things out. I should have visited here first, I guess.
Good luck Louis, you definitely deserve the recognition. 

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