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All right. I'm going to start this out with saying that I'm very inexperienced to the general community of this website. I'm here because a friend of mine, one of the authors here, sent me here. I'm sure that you are all friendly people, but I am going to apologize for any mistakes I make. I'm guessing that this is the best forum to ask for something like this, but if this is the wrong place, please just tell me. Thanks for the help and for bearing with me.


Anyway, I'm looking for a story that involves depression, overcoming it, and how to deal with it. Preferably between two people, but I'll take whatever you can give me. It doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic relationship, or really any type of relationship at all. I'm simply craving this type of story and I don't know how to get rid of it except for asking for help. (Yes, I am asking for self-promotion or promoting a friend's work. I hope that's okay.) I have not yet checked through the story tags, but that is because I am slightly confused by the organizational system of all of this.


I hope that I'm not asking for anything too hard, so if you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you!

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The strongest story on depression that I've read recently is Black Dog by Alien Son over at AwesomeDude. However, I'm pretty sure there are a number of great stories here, too -- I just don't normally like to read stories on depression :)


If you click on "Stories" from the menu above, and then "Story Tags" you'll get a tag cloud. One of the tags is Depression and that'll get you a list of stories that the author has flagged as being about or including depression. I've just scanned the list and the only story in the set I've read is one my own short stories and that's one isn't really what you're after, so, sorry, I can't say what they're like. I did spot some great authors in the set, though, so I'm sure there's plenty of quality stories to choose from :D

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Moving On by Fitz should fit the bill. It is a moving tale of human loss, diving into depression and climbing back to a functional life. Fitz is currently writing book two of the series, called Moving Forward

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I'm sure you've been given some great starts for reading, though depression isn't a theme I look for specifically so I can't help with any story ideas. I can, however, link you to our Reader Help faq in the help menu that specifically addresses navigating Stories as a reader--including explaining all the filtering options so you can find the exact type of story you wish to read. One of the main reasons we had the system programmed for us was to include that organization--which might seem intimidating at first--but really allows for readers to pinpoint specific content by author, category, genre, tag, as well as length, rating, and level of posting (in process/complete) or any combination of those factors as well.


Please find the Reader Help faq here, or through the help button in the red menu bar. Members are always welcome to PM me if they have any questions regarding GA. I've been here a fair bit :P and can usually guide people in the right direction.

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I've always been a fan of Vlista's work, especially Shane.  Parts of Shane can be unbelievable (just read some of the reviews), but then it is fiction.  I think you do need to keep that in mind with Vlista's stories.


Not really depression as such but Viv's Day's of Silence is well worth a read, if for nothing else than a good cry.

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I'm fairly new to this forum as well and enjoy similar themes. I found that DomLuka's Desert Dropping may be a pretty good fit. It has multiple well-defined, complex characters and has a good amount of drama without being overly sexual like a lot of gay literature tends to be. The basis of the story revolves around the main character and his relocation to Arizona to live with his father (who he has never met), "uncle", and "nephew" after his mother with cancer passes. A very good read IMO. Hope you enjoy!


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Hi there im fairly new to this site and joined because i read a really good book on here called Someday out of the blue by LittleBuddhaTW and was wondering if there were any similar stories like it it featured things like abuse romance death....and so on oh and its a teen romance. It just reminds me of a few years back when i was like 14/15 &16. Thanks

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Well, Patrick we meet again. :P


You could try Desert Dropping by DomLuka. It deals with death, and teens, and romance. This story is complete. All of Dom's stories are worth a look-see.


Beloved by Don Hanratty (Don H) is a story that includes everything you mention, and to greater and lesser degrees. It's in process, but at 63 chapters it may take you a while to catch up to the present.


There's two for you. :thumbup:


And additionally (I don't know why I didn't think of this) there is Direct Confusion by Sasha Distan which touches on everything. This is in process but should wrap up soon. All of Sasha's stories are worth a look-see as well.

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