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Best and Worst

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OK, I'm bored and it's the middle of the night. You have been picked to amuse me.


Best and worst pickup lines - I would think the best are the ones that worked and the worst are the ones that made you (ugh, shiver) a little bit. The only rule I can think of that should apply would be to try not to be too vulgar or lewd....have fun with it! Now, amuse me!

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Mine, BTW, are (and ibswear these are real, lol): Best - I'm a doctor,I'm a lawyer, I'm a movie star. And I'm an astronaut. And I own this bar. - its a line from an old country song. Amd it worked, because I'm a sucker for laughter.


Worst - I got a mattress in the bed of my pickup. You wanna see it? I near spilled my drink I cringed so hard!!!!

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