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The Conception and Birth of "Button"

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As a reader I sometimes wonder how and where an author gets their ideas for a story. It was nice to read your "scribbles" about Button. I would have loved to read more about Button and his dads but you did good with the idea of one important thing of each year. 

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Some stories can't help but tug at your heartstrings; Button is one of them. Some stories take a chapter or two to really grab your attention, others get you in the first couple of paragraphs; again, that's Button. You captured real life and eloquently put it to paper. You hadn't yet started posting Button when I wrote to Cia requesting that you be considered for Promising Author status. Others must have felt the same way since you now enjoy the title you so richly deserve.


But if anyone had any doubts as to whether you deserved the elevation, Button surely banished those thoughts. I really enjoyed watching our protagonist, his friends, and his family grow and grow up with each passing year. It was a nice way to present the story. And now you've set the stage for the sequel "The Barbed Wire Heart". I can't wait to catch up with some of my favorite characters again and see how Brent and Brody's lives come together. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Cole! Always a pleasure!

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Thank you Mickey! I really appreciate all the kind words and moral support you've given me. Believe me, we authors soak it up like parched earth and we try to give back stories for readers to enjoy. Chapter 1 is coming along nicely, btw!

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I just saw Richard LInklater's new film "Boyhood"--and it has a lot in common with your story "Button." The film has a series of 10-15 minute vignettes (shot over a week or two each year for 13 years) that follow a boy Mason as he grows from first grade to college freshman. It's a cinematic treatment very similar to what you've done in your story.



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