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Prompt #348 - First Line

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Coitus Interruptus


“Can you give me one reason why I should believe you?”


“Because this isn’t what it looks like. Really,” I wince.


“Are you sure?” Gary looks down at me, and from my perspective, he’s standing on the ceiling, “’cause from here it kinda looks like you were getting a blow job from my best friend.”


It is at this point that Mark coughs none too discreetly, jumps to his feet and straightens his lust-rumpled clothes. He grins at me quickly and I cover my beet-red face with one hand, still trying to maintain some sort of modesty in front of my brother.


“I’ll be off then. See ya Gaz.”


“Not so fucking fast.” My bedroom door slams behind them and I continue to lay on the thick plush carpet of my bedroom floor, listening to the two of them argue on the landing. I am insanely glad that our parents aren’t home to overhear their heated conversation.


“Gary, c’mon man.”


“He’s my brother!”


“Yeah,” I can almost see Mark shifting from foot to foot in his anxious state. He does that a lot. “Look, Gaz-”


“My little brother!”


“He’s not that fuckin’ little,” Mark snaps back defensively, “he grew up.”


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“Can you give me one reason why I should believe you?”


In the dim light of the make-shift Officer's Club, the dapper man in the uniform of an Alliance Captain took a drink from a shot glass and sighed. He said, "What do you need? I mean besides for the fact that we share the same geno-type and look just alike except for the age difference?"


Danny said, "Well, you seem to have a lot of answers that none of the rest of us have a clue about. How do you know?"


He nodded curtly and said, "My name is Franz Muller and I was born in the European Union. My parents worked for GenTech. I was what they call a 'gap-baby' which means I was born not very long before the Genome Control Act was passed."


Danny nodded. Despite his misgivings, it all made perfect sense. Captain Muller had to be in his early thirties and the timing was right.


"One of my first memories was an older woman. I thought that she was an aunt- in fact I called her Auntie Greta. I thought she was a doctor. She always had medical gear and was taking my vitals and the occasional blood sample. This went on for many years."


Danny asked, "How did you find out?"


Muller sighed, "When I was in middle school, I heard my parents talking about the theta series. They were all doing fine. They were exceeding expectations and it was a shame about that stupid law. I was curious but the way they were talking about it, I could tell that somehow it was about me."


"My Dad often forget and left his computer logged in while he was at work so one day I ran a search on the theta series and found out his computer was full of information. It turned out that Dr. Bruckner, my Auntie Greta had designed a number of series: Alpha through Pi and Rho, Sigma and Tau were on the drawing board."


Danny was speechless. There really was only one question and he almost whispered, "But why?"


Muller smiled and said, "You forget the times Danny. Genetic Engineering was in its heyday. The big Corporations were designing workers for high-G worlds. Every parent wanted a genius. It was before the scare stories and the genetic boogey-men. Then came..."


Danny interrupted him, "The Corporate Wars and the Corporations super-soldier cyborgs."


Muller nodded.


Danny said, "Obviously they kept the program alive."


Mueller said, "A few years later I actually asked Dr. Bruckner about it."


Danny asked, "What did she say?"


"She told me that the galaxy was very large and that as we reach out and colonize it, we humans are going to need people, extraordinary people to meet the challenges that we are going to find out there. The hell of it is, it looks like she was right."

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