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Welcome to our Newest Proof Reader: Jaro - 423


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On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest Proof Reader




I'm sure Jaro will make a valuable contribution to the Editing team. Jaro is a teacher with a degree in English and understands the value a proof reader brings to the story. He likes drama, romance, thrillers and coming out stories. He'll accept all drafts, from 1st to 3rd, depending on what the author sends him.


It's heartening to discover that Jaro also hails from that deepest, darkest continent, filled with mystery and adventure, not just the continent, but is also a fellow South African (Zimbabwe), who loves reading, writing, nature, drawing, cooking and amateur photography among other things.  A great all rounder with a great outlook on life.  I'm sure he has many tales to tell, and I would love to sit in a boma, beside a large fire, on a deep African night with Hyena's laughing and Lions growling in the bush, listening to all of his adventures. 


Welcome to the team, Jaro


Happy Proof reading

(Hope you do some editing for us too) 

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