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*Sneak Peek* My Boat, Our Home - New Story by WestcliffWriter

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By 1943 the war is going very bad for Germany. With a shortage of U-boat captains due to heavy losses a young 21 year-old Lieutenant-Commander Lukas Stein is promoted to Captain and given command of his own boat.


With a young crew that does not trust him and a prototype vessel being pressed into service, still not fully tested, Lukas will have to grow up quickly. Follow him and his crew as they try to navigate the torturous waters of the Atlantic, their orders, to hunt down and sink American

merchant ships bringing aid to Great Britain. Tempers will flare, relationships will develop, and the crew will need to get along.


Deep down Lukas knows the war may be lost but for now he will need to keep morale up and testosterone levels down as he tries to keep 29 crew safe and happy, in a highly charged and confined space.




Coming Soon!

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Thanks Valk,


Looking forward to the challege of writing something like this. Ive always wanted to attempt the theme, but first I needed to become more confident with my writing. I think i'm on the fringes of being ready for something like this now...I hope.


I have Yettie on board so I'm in good hands :)


Thank you for your interest

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Hi Mike,


Looking forward to this challenge and hope people share the interest as much as you. I'm a big fan too, I just hope I can pull this off. I'll probably start writing in a couple of weeks, currently doing some research at the moment :)


Thanks for dropping by



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