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These are a few preview scenes from my new story "Narcolepsy" coming out sometime soon after 2015 begins, maybe before spring, it all depends on when I can get back to writing it, having to get through some personal New Years resolution stuff, but I am already a bit ahead and wanted to share some treats with you. I know with "Rebirth" I gave you two preview scenes, so given the wait time, with this I will give you four!




Preview Scene 1


"Because..." He stared at Merit and lowered his voice to a whisper. "You never see...you never notice. Thing is...I don't want Liam to get in trouble." He ran his hands over his face. "He held me while Tyson beat me up, and I was literally powerless to do anything...and now I feel pathetic. I've crushed on Liam...and despite what he did and the fact that it put me here...I still care."

"Okay...assuming I believe you, for a second, you would want to tell everyone about Tyson, but you'd protect Liam? Why haven't you told the cops about this? Or have you tried?" He kept a low tone and looked at Emry, trying to remain calm.

"Because, what would it matter anyway?" Emry's head fell back and he looked at the ceiling. "You still don't get it." He sighed and looked at Merit. "I want to cry right now...because Liam could get into trouble, I want to cry because I like him...but he could never like me, he never would...and he held me there and let Tyson..."

"Wait...so, you like Liam, that would mean that you're..." Merit's eyes slightly widened and he tensed up.

"Yeah, it would." He leaned forward. "Let me paint another picture for you...Think about me...falling asleep at Waffle House...and then waking up in some parking lot, maybe still at the Waffle House, maybe not...I couldn't move to see."

"That's right...awake, and yet I can't move. But...given my position, I could see a car, and my hand...and the wheel of the car slowly rolling by, inches from my hand, nearly running it over. Tricky thing is...not knowing if it was real or not, yet the terror was still there, just as great, because it could have been real."

Emry then went on. "Or how about when Tyson and Liam beat me up for my medication, even a weak outcast could try to do something, run away, maybe fight back if they are the least little bit brave enough, but I can't...because my body becomes useless to me, I try...and the more I do, the more I lose control and fall helpless to whatever they wanted to do."

"Sometimes, it can be confused as a seizure, but it's not, the difference is that you stay awake, fully aware, just completely helpless, unless of course at some point they knock you out."

Merit stared at him and then looked down towards the table. "What would cause..."

"You hang out with both of them, so I'm just going to put it like this. I'm narcoleptic, you idiot. Of course...I don't stay on my meds all the time, I frequently run away from my mom's house because I hate it there."


Preview Scene 2


"Talio..." Asia grinned, knowing it annoyed her.

"Do you have to call me that? It makes me sound like a man." Talia looked over at Asia.

"What if you are?" Asia laughed. "Some people can pull it off good enough. Look at uh...what's her name?" She looked up, thoughtfully. "Hilary Swank! She made a rather cute boy, certainly not a man by my standards, she pulled it off though."

"That was a horrible movie, I couldn't sit through what they did when they found out." Talia made a face.

Asia looked at her nails and made a face. "Yeah...it was pretty brutal, leave it to Miki to pick such a movie for a sleep over...when we were twelve." She looked over at Talia.

"I didn't know what it was about! I thought it was about a boy who was sensitive and...well, in a bad situation." The flaming blood red head chimed in. "You know I like those sort of movies." Miki shrugged.

"I do too." Emry looked over at Miki.

She looked up and returned Emry's gaze and a small smile appeared. "Aren't you the one that the teachers have been bitching at for falling asleep in class?"

He slowly nodded. "Yeah, my grades are probably my biggest failure." He slightly grinned.

"And no matter how much they bitch, you just lay slumped over your desk." Miki laughed. "That is the funniest thing in the world."

Justin ran over to the group. "You guys ready?"

"Yeah." Asia said in response to Justin. "We'll be seeing you, Talio..." She turned around and with the shake of her head, Justin and Miki headed off as they walked towards the school.

"I swear...I hate her." Talia crossed her arms and paced back and forth a single time, then she looked up at Merit. "We should probably head to class."

Merit slowly nodded and then he looked at Emry. "Will you be okay?"

Emry grinned and shook his head. "May be my first year...but I think I've learned the place by now."


Preview Scene 3


"So? What is it? What bothers you?" Merit asked, tears forming in his eyes.

"Merit...we can learn to accept you, we will love you always, no matter what." He leaned forward. "What troubles me is all that you're willing to sacrifice right now, your entire future. You are eighteen and you are on the edge and every decision you make right now could determine everything, I don't mean to make that sound scary, but it's the truth. And he's...well...he's thirteen."

"Dad!" Merit snapped. "Fifteen...he's fifteen." He paused. "Well, he will be this month."

"Sorry, my mistake." Mark shook his head. "My point is...he still has so much to go through before he's even where you are now, added his condition on top of all of that and his background. I'm half tempted to contact social services because of who his mother is, she is unfit as could be and as far as I know, there is no one else, meaning if I did, he would go into foster care."

"Then adopt him, you could do it...and then I could just take him where ever I go, and we all get what we want, I go to an awesome school and he comes with me." Merit shrugged. "It's simple."

"No, it's actually not. A social worker stays in the picture for a period of time to make sure everything is working as it should."

"Then do it now, dad. If you do it now...then by the time I move away...it'll be set in stone."

Mark closed his eyes and shook his head. "We would have to fight his mother, prove shes unstable, there are processes, you don't just snap your fingers, tell them that she was acting like a drug addict, that we think she steals his medication and get it done."

"But he said that she does, he can tell them."

"Merit!" Mark opened his eyes, speaking in a raised, but controlled, and firm tone. "It's not that simple."

"So, what are you going to do? Kick him out? Send him back to her? Or just report it to social services, make sure I never see him again?" Merit sat back. "I'll hate you forever if you do that."

Emry stood outside the door, hearing the whole thing. His eyes widened and he quickly rushed off down the hall and into Merit's bed room and he breathed heavily, nervously, tears streaming down his face and he fell against the door, forcing it to slam shut as his legs gave way in a partial attack and he slid down, falling to the floor.

Merit heard a door slam and he looked up. "Great, look what you did! He heard everything!" He got up and rushed out of his dad's study.


Preview Scene 4


Merit had fallen onto his knees, holding onto Emry as his upper body lightly shook and jerked within his arms while his lower body was left limp in a mixed state of cataplexy and psychogenic seizure.

He cried and looked up at his dad. "You can't take him away from me, you just can't." He leaned down, holding Emry as close to him as he could.

Mark walked into the room after standing in the door way and he knelt down and looked at Emry and lightly ran his hand across his head.

"He needs me..." Merit cried, watching as Emry slowly settled down within his arms, the jerking slowed down and settled as his eyes fluttered and he fell into a sleep state, passing out in Merit's arms.

"Merit..I am not just thinking about you..." He looked up.

"If you just let me wait a year, once he's sixteen, he can go where ever he wants, then I'll go where ever you want me to." He sniffled, not taking his eyes off Emry.

"Merit...how will you pay for him a doctor? Pay for his medicine? Pay the hospital bills? He's been in the hospital twice now.." Mark shook his head. "I'm not trying to punish you or be the bad guy, but I want you to see the real world for what it is and I want you to be able to handle it."

"I don't want to." Merit looked up at his dad. "Please...don't..." He shrugged. "Maybe he came into our life for a reason, Mia died...and he came into our lives, not because he could have potentially killed her, there was no way. It was all because his medication bottles were there...and thats all. You had two kids...because you were meant to. Maybe he's supposed to be..."

"Mark..." Michelle stood in the door way, a shoulder leaned against the door frame.

He turned around when his wife came upon the scene, and he looked up at her.

"Let them be...just let them be." She shook her head, Mark needed to let up, their son had dealt with enough and now was not the time for Mark to be on his case.

Mark knew his wife enough to know exactly what she was thinking. He slowly stood up and headed for the door and walked out of the room, Michelle closed the door behind them as they headed off down the hall.

Merit cried softly. "Emry..wake up." He ran a hand over his head. "Please wake up..."

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  • 4 weeks later...

Okay, here with an update!


I am actually writing a redraft of the story or rather an alternate version. I will still try to incorporate these scenes as they are a few favorites.

Some names may be changed but you will still know who they are within the context of the story. Also some of the original plots will remain, while alternate plots will be added in. I just felt undecided about the first version which had light fantasy and the second version will be realism and I'll have to decide which one I like.

As I progress further into the alternate version, I may post a couple more sneak peak scenes because this is clearly going to delay the release even further.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Okay, I created a new thread for the new draft of the story. I figured with the changes and everything, it needed a new title. So now Narcolepsy has become See Me


Here is a link to the new thread with a few sneak peaks at some new scenes not in the original version and it's a work in progress coming soon.



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