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Sci-fi recommendations?

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Hello all! I'm glad to join GA - I had no idea such an awesome community existed. I've always been a fan of sci-fi, and since I'm new here, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on good stuff to read? I like most sci-fi subgenres, from Asimov to Zelazny, so any recommendations are welcome!



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Welcome to GA, Albert. There a several sci-fi goodies on site. These are a few that I have read or am currently reading. All are worth a look see and there are others not mentioned (see link below). Additionally there are some in the Premium Content area (not on this list) which requires payment to read, but the payment helps support GA. If you are into fantasy ... well, there are more stories to recommend. Happy reading.


Attunga - Iarwain (complete)


The Luxorian Fugitive, A Cook's Tale, Priest and Pariahs - Books 1,2,3 of Ship Logs of the Santa Claus - Mann Ramblings (complete)


Abel III's Awakening - Daddydavek (in process)


Do Over - dkstories (in process)


In Enemy Hands - M.A. Church (in process)


Christmas in Zonei - jvaughn (in process)


Here is a link to a listing of stories tagged as Science Fiction. Have fun!

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Recommendations are always great, and we're looking at ways to incorporate them into the new upgrade with Stories 2.0, later this year--hopefully--but you can also pinpoint stories with features you enjoy by using our custom search options. It's eminently customizable, which is why our Stories Submission Form is so complicated and asks authors for so much information. It's all to help readers find authors' stories.


To search for science fiction stories you could:


1. Go to Stories

2. Go to Advanced Search

3. Select various options. You can select more than one option per field in some areas like author group, category, length, etc... by selecting each while holding down control. This is where you can pick sci-fi or fantasy or drama, etc...

4. Continue to customize your search by genre, tags, rating, status (in process, complete)

5. Customize the way the stories are listed in your search results by most likes, most followers, length, last date updated, etc...




For instance, a search for Classic, Signature, and Promising authors, with no category chosen, Sci-fi genre chosen, with the tags aliens and space, with a Complete status and all lengths brought up these search results, ordered by Times Read brings up 2 pages of various stories. The same search, including all Authors brings up 3 pages.


The more you narrow things down, the more pinpointed the search becomes. The wider your net, the more results. :)

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Here are two of mine:


The Cool Green Sea- it is a short story, and was included in a published anthology.


Operation Hammerhead- is a serial novel I have underway that isn't quite complete yet.



I recently read The More Things Change by Gee Whilikers and heartily endorse it.

Operation Hammerhead---COMPLETE IT!  Please, please complete it.   :worship:

To the original post, Operation Hammerhead is good, but would be great if only it was complete.  :2thumbs:

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