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The BIG questions

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this thread is to ask the big philosophical questions - those of "Life, The Universe, and Everything" © Douglas Adams (1978) - and yes we all know the answer that the white mice got was "42" - so try asking something different - or maybe answering one ... 


questions such as "Where are all the baby pigeons ?"...


i'll start by asking (as if i didn't already pose a question above)  ...


Why is it that the best before date on a packet of crisps (or potato chips for out cousins over the great waters) is always on a Saturday ?


over to you dear readers / writers of this great forum ..... 



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so that when they go out of date on a Sunday, the poor kids who pull Sunday morning paper duty get breakfast? That's what we used to get anyways.


Why don't all modern commercial buildings come installed with doors that swing both ways? Everyone knows they're way more convenient.

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