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Prompt #410 - Word List

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I take tulips to the grave of my grandmother

On Valentine’s day, which she used to love

Purple tulips with soft fringes around the edges

Never red, red was always cliché

In the spring she’d watch them bloom from her porch steps

Back before the aunts and uncles put her in a home

And in summers, we’d sit shoulder to shoulder

eating chocolates from tiny boxes of Whitman Samplers

In between bouts of shelling peas or shucking corn

I asked her once, why she never planted any

In the small patch of yard that was her own

But she said the grass was enough, though it was hardly green

More like spotty and burnt brown from the sun

Even the bunnies avoided it and nibbled three doors down

Sometimes we’d see their heads poking up from the cabbage rows

Nana had a garden once, mama told me but I never saw it

Here she has fields of flowers she never sees

Blue skies that stretch on for miles

I wish is was the ocean. She always loved the ocean. 

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In the sunny month of May,

the little bunnies come out to play.

As their grandmothers teach them to hip and hop.

Throughout the merry way.


Now it's back into the city in the sunny month of May,

Where tulips spout around us and kids come out to play.

The yards are needing tending for the grass grows tall and green.

And I always take a moment to stop and smell the roses.


Now it's time for lovers in the sunny month of May,

A time for getting closer and let nature have its way,

When gentleman come calling with trinkets close at hand

with boxes full of chocolates and bouquet of roses to.


Now listen friend for this should end at the final words I say,

that long is the road to happiness but love is how its paved.

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