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Sci-fi Prompt 2

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I'm feeling productive, so another prompt.




A Normal Persons Guide to Intergalactic Warfare, Sami Kasos, published by Wolfstar Press in the 17th Century of the New Era of Man.


We can not say anything about intergalactic warfare before first touching upon the most revolutionary invention of the last dozen millennium; the orbital defence system. The concept of weaponised satellites as brought into being by early humans in the 22nd Century of the Old Era of Man, used first to divert dangerous impact-objects such as asteroids. When the Salo contacted mankind, humanities thoughts quickly turned to defence against aliens. Humans in that era were xenophobic and while the Salo contacted them in peace, humanity responded by slamming the door and adding more locks. This extensive system of satellites could destzoy most spacecraft close enough to enter orbit of the planet. Ships with long-distance weaponry still posed a threat, as when the Jandiree destroyed Washington DC with a sub-light drive equipped nuclear weapon launched from deep space. This of course caused the downfall of American hegemony of Earth politics and the European and Chinese led planet was captured by paranoia that constructed an enormous shield of weaponry satellites around the planet.


The largest project in human history, it has serviced the New Man Empire well ever since and Earth is now one of the most fortified planets in the universe. But Earth is not alone. Nearly every planet of note has extensive orbital defenses in this era. The concept of land-based warfare has all but disappeared, as has the concept of capturing planets and armed rebellion. Satellites can vaporise troops or structures on the planets surface, and most ships within proximity to the planet or its satellites. Most warfare therefore takes place in space and factions back away to let their enemies take the planet peacefully, most of the time. Notable exceptions include such incidents as the Everstar Genocide, when the independent trade planet Everstar refused to surrender to the troops of the Third Pirate Armada. Unable to breach its satellite defenses with ships, the pirate fleet simply blanketed the planet with nuclear weaponry. Unable to cope with the enormous number of missiles, the shields failed and the planets inhabitants were vaporised, the once lush garden world rendered uninhabitable for the next thousand years.



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Kinetic Weapons


Once mankind achieved space flight, it was inevitable that kinetic weapons would become one of the most decisive weapons in history.


Kinetic weapons work quite simply by smashing into targets at great speed. Although it sounds simple, it is a lot more complicated.


When an object is in motion at a significant fraction of the speed of light (C fractional), when it strikes a target, the effects are devastating. The energy release is relativistic. The amount of energy released is comparable to tactical nuclear weapons without the nasty side effects of fall out or EMP.


No orbital or ground fortification in a fixed orbit or stationary location is able to survive such a strike. Depending on the speed of the projectile, it's doubtful that it would even be detected before it hits.


The energy released is derived by the following equation:


E = m(nC)2


Where E is energy released, m is the mass, n is the fractional part of light speed and C is the speed of light.


The energy release for a 1000 KG projectile at 2/3rds of C:


E = 1000kg[2/3(2.998 X108m/s)]2


E = 1000kg[1.998666 X 1010] = 1.998666 X 1013 kg m2/s2


That is a whole lot of pain!

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