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Thanks to MikeL and Valkyrie for inspiring this thread, you guys are the best.


Like the title says, find a photo that you think is awesome, funny, cool, amazing, etc


To start things off...



Pretty ain't it?

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To get the ball rolling...



This is one of the most iconic photos to grace the magazine's cover -June 1985

I think it had something to do with her eyes, not sure. From what I recall she was an Afghan refugee after the Soviet Union invaded her country.

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These are a series of images of, in my opinion, the most beautiful building(s): the Alhambra.


The Alhambra was a Moorish Citadel and a Palace Complex for the last Moorish Dynasty in Spain. The First photo is of the entire Citadel, and the next three are pictures of various features of the complex.


The reason that I love this place is its very beauty that the intricate details of the design expresses. Upon seeing the Alhambra, it literally took my breath away. It is now a hope of mine to see it in person.













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